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Mummy keeps this photo in the ‘About’ page as well.

When you grow up, there sure will be time when we will have disagreement, arguments, conflicts in some way, especially when Mummy grows older and older, more and more out dated, more and more forgetful, ‘nyanyuk’. May be at times you might even find Mummy being ridiculous… (Mummy went through this before).

In time like that, just bring up this picture and have a look at it. You will be more at ease and more forgiving.


A 97 year old mother still takes care of her 60 year old paralyzed son.



Posted on: July 29, 2013


And do you know, I like this Hokkien word the most: 感恩


Posted on: July 27, 2013

Mummy likes this a lot, especially when they say ‘cheap people’.  Keeping it here.

mm… life lesson: just set your expectation right. If you know the person is ‘cheap’, don’t expect too much. Daddy likes to say, these kind of people, 信他三分都死 (in Cantonese).

Walter Lewin has been a professor at MIT for more than 40 years. His physics lessons have been seen by millions of people.

Watch this video :

And he said:

“If you know only the name, you know nothing. What is important in life, is the students experience important milestones in Physics. Even though later they may not remember the details any more. Who can remember 10,000 physics equations? I can’t. Their lives will never be the same. And then I’ll say, ‘All of you have now lost your virginity.'”

“They’d had bad teachers, so they carried on the bad teaching. And this is just goes on from father to son and from son to so on… They are criminal. Cause they missed golden opportunity, and make it dull and boring, and so people begin to hate Physics, and that stays reason for the rest of their lives. And they even made a mistake to say that Physics is difficult. And that is absolutely not true.”

We have the obligation, to explain it to the men on the street, in a way that they can still sort of get an ideal. So you have to find analogies, to make them see, the importance of certain discovery.

He is The Teacher.

p.s. And I like the demonstration he did on the conservation of energy. He is definitely humourous, and cute 🙂

Amazing art from a 97 years old grandpa, who is ‘legally blind’, using Microsoft Paint from Window 95. Do watch the video below.


Check out more from these site:

And my favorites are these two:


Watching this with my girls …

When the judge said could you tell us briefly about your unfortunate experience about your hands, the girl smiled and said “I don’t think I’m unfortunate. I think I’m blessed to have such a wonderful pair of hands.

We’re all touched. ..



Another one Mummy would like to share, a very good one from Oriental Daily. Just memorize the picture (the right one).

On the left, a lot of people think that is how success-failure works.


[Updates: Another mistake I made, for 茅草,it also has fruit (果)

Here is a photo of 茅草果 from a Chinese plant website:


Here is the correct one for 茅草:


My apology. Please re-download the pdf from the link below again. I have updated it with the correct one. This topic is included in this round of exam.]


[Updates: Ying corrected me that for Rose, it also has fruit (果)。

“Just that the fruit is too small and a lot of time we miss it. My teacher told me one…, ” Ying explained to Mummy.


Sorry all, for the mistake I’ve made. Please re-download the pdf from the link below. I have updated it with the correct one. ]

Actually I don’t quite like those exam questions that is asking a Std 1 students, given a plant name, whether it has 花 flower ? 叶 leaf ? 茎 stem ? 枝 woody branch ? 果 fruit ? 根 root ?

But no choice, my girls still need to prepare for such questions.

I have made a flashcard for this topic, just sharing here in case you find it useful.

Click this pdf to download: A4_Plants_花叶根茎枝果.pdf (updated).

Also, please print the document in duplex (both side of the paper). It is arranged in that way. Printing them in single pages make the information incorrect.


Last week another case of top student committed suicide after failing in his exam. Sigh…


Must remember, exam is not everything in one’s life. Life is not just about exam. Always remember this:


And 条条大路通罗马



Watched together with my girls and there was this episode where Cikgu Ayu sang this song ‘Count On Me’ (by Bruno Mars). I must say she sang it beautifully, and my  girls love it.

And that night, ta-dah … a Karaoke session at home, hehehe …


Really enjoying it, watching them singing together, with loving gestures and hugs 🙂

Very nice song indeed.


July 2013

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