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王明勇老师 is coming again. This time is a one day seminar, teaching you how to detox and purify your body. I highly recommend this.

Date:Saturday,16 March 2013
Location:Cititel Mid Valley Hotel, KL
Medium : Mandarin

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It’s exam time for Ling’s school. I was reading the book “教养,无所不在” by 李伟文 老师


a week or two back, and came across this page about exam.


(In Taiwan,) once enter secondary school, every day there are a few tests/exam the students need to sit for, and it’s really do nothing good in helping the students to learn (and might even give adverse effect). But then, it’s not the parents said “Exam result is not important!” then the children will obediently not get bothered by exam. At the end, in school, they still need to face pressure from teachers and peers. If they really did very badly in exam, this will injure their self-esteem and confidence. So, it’s hard for children to be not concern about their exam result.

What to do ?

It really makes me think hard. Ya, how can I help them? May be setting more realistic expectation for them based on their pace and level. And I must not be influenced by how other kids in their class are doing, as long as I see them doing their part, preparing good enough for the exam. Never never punish them for not getting A or 100 marks. The effort puts in that should be counted. .. Ya, I must keep on reminding myself this.

Then when I read this part of the book, I totally salute 李伟文 老师:


When our children didn’t do well in their exam, instead, we show them a happy expression, encouraging them by saying, only from all these questions that they answered wrongly, then they can know there are things that are taught, but, they haven’t really learn it up yet. We also keep on emphasizing that, only by finding out things that you don’t understand/don’t know, then you can learn the most out of it.

Normally when do revision or preparation for exam, focus on understanding those questions that they answered wrongly.

Ya, something I must learn from 李伟文 老师。


p.s. When I was reading the second page, Ling came along. Then she read aloud. After finish reading, she looked at me and asked, “Is it true you won’t get mad?” I paused, taking a deep breath, “Yes, … but I will get mad if you purposely don’t want to study even though you know exam is coming.” In my heart, I am telling myself, I must keep my words.

During CNY, had some gathering with family and friends. Hearing news that people got retrenched, people on VSS, people started looking for part time income, people started thinking to start something..

I was like ‘why so coincident one’ (pardon my English), I just read something which I find useful, from this book “How Will You Measure Your Life” by Clayton M. Christensen, who is the Harvard Business School professor. Ya, I bought this book because I want to know how a business expert like Clayton sees life and what advice he wants to share.


Dedicating this to this group of family and friends. I find this chapter provides sound advice in product development, though I have no experience in doing business, but what Clayton said plus the example he gave in the book make sense to me.


And also another advice about deploying strategy is:


p.s. In the chapter about “what job to be done”, Clayton used the same mind-set in the research to find out why schoolchildren seem unmotivated to learn. And guess what is the outcome?

The conclusion we reached was that going to school is not a job that children are trying to get done. .. The two fundamental jobs that children need to do are to feel successful and to have friends – everyday.

Interesting isn’t it ?

I came across this article in Sin Chew Jit Poh today:


“Nowadays, a lot of parents mistake/misinterpret “indulgent” for “creativity”. Letting young children doing whatever they like, often doesn’t listen or accept others’ suggestion, this attitude only allows the children to explore this world with his/her own limited knowledge and thoughts. This doesn’t help in promoting his/her creativity, because creativity needs endless supply of new thoughts/knowledge.

Also, a child that is indulged quite often will become very self-centered and stubborn, often he/she will not understand, and will not bother about how others are doing and feeling, eventually turn out to have difficulty in human relationship and acceptance by others; and these doesn’t help in developing creativity as well.”

Yes, I have been trying to share this with some family and friends. Though it’s hard, cause sometimes, I find I am not in the position to give advice.

And then I came across the same thing mentioned in this book by 李伟文, one of the Taiwan educationists I like.



I saw a lot of parents misunderstand the meaning of “open minded education”, thinking that must try to become their children’s friends. Some even believe that only by giving their children absolute freedom without any constraint, will develop their creativity and talents. A German philosopher 亚斯培 once said “No authority, no freedom” I strongly believe that building up a child’s discipline and routines in life is the most important part of education.

We often saw a lot of talented people ended up with nothing/failure in life, the main reason is the lack of discipline. Our journey of life is like a marathon, there are challenges along the way one after another. Therefore we need to learn new knowledge continuously, we need perseverance, we need to be strong and tenacious, and not afraid when we fail; and all these really depends on our own self-discipline. To me, it’s more important to teach a child to have a good routines/discipline in life, rather than learning art or having good exam result.

Ya, I like the author’s view. Yes, we want to have good relationship with our children, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t do what a parent is supposed to do. E.g.We cannot just let our toddler sit on our lap while we are driving, just because he doesn’t like to sit in his car seat.

Like what Peter Buffett’s mother said, “ You could be whatever you wanted to be, but NOT do whatever you wanted to do.

And I always remember what Peter Buffett said about Creativity in his book, “Life Is What You Make It” life:


Yes! Creativity without a foundation in boring old craft leads to more messes than masterpieces !!

Bringing my girls to Kinokuniya last weekend. While waiting for them to find their book, I went through this book about Bill Gates: Impatient Optimist.


It captures things Bill Gates said before, and I kind of like it. A lot of them make me think and realize that “oh, we can see things this way.” And some are really good lessons to learn. I jotted down a few here.

About reading:

I really had a lot of dream when I was a kid, and I think a great deal of that grew out of the fact that I had a chance to read a lot.

In another book I read, his biography, it also mentioned about how much Bill Gates (and his partner Paul Allen) love reading during their young age:


About IQ

I don’t think IQ is as fungible as I used to. To succeed, you also have to know how to make choices and how to think more broadly.

And girls, for mummy, on top of the above two, you have to be resourceful,.


About A Good Parent’s Wish

I also think about my kids showing interest in different things – you know, I won’t push them, but I’d love to have them be in some part of the sciences where they can make contribution that really improves the world.

Ya. mummy wishes that all children, not just you two,  will grow up doing something that can make contribution that really improves the world. Then only the world can be a better place for all, including for you two.


About “Geek” ( this one I like the most )

Hey, if being a geek means you’re willing to take a 400-page book on vaccines and where they work and where they don’t, and you go off and study that and you use that to challenge people to learn more, then absolutely, I am a geek. I plead guilty. Gladly.


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