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I find this quite useful, especially for Chinese schools students.  It has pictures with Chinese explanation. Sometimes, it’s not that the kids can’t do the ‘bina ayat’ (construct sentences) from picture, the kids know how to write/say it in Chinese/Mandarin but don’t know how in BM.

I do tell my children: It’s helpful but still they need to spend time to read and study and memorize the vocabs.

Click here to download: BinaAyatMengikutTema.pdf

Found these videos teaching sentence-building for Bahasa Malaysia. Suitable for lower primary students.

First start with simple sentences made out of “noun-verb-noun”; learn to use Kata Sendi “di”, “ke”, “dari” and “pada”.


I have consolidated the Kosa Kata I’ve created for Ling and Ying based on their input of words they don’t understand, into one single pdf file.

Click here to download the pdf: Kosa_Kata_BM_Darjah_2_ALL.pdf

p.s. As I was running out of time at that time, not manage to create the ‘Cut-&-paste’ plus ‘Fill-in-the-blank’ exercise.

This is another good site to learn BM for primary school students – Astro Tutor. However, need to subscribe and login to access the lesson.

Oh ya, another note of warning/advice from a parent:




Thanks to a wonderful mom who came out with this post in her blog on how to improve BM penulisan part A.

Here is the link to the article:

Putting two of the slide and video shared here for ease of my own reference. Still encourage to read the post from Mumsgather as mentioned above.

The Slide:

The YouTube video:

As exam is just around the corner, I let my girls created their own Memrise course for BM Antonim and Sinonim.

I asked them to put down all the antonim and sinonim words found in their school activity books.

Next, find the meaning in Chinese for one of the word in the antonim/sinonim pair, and enter into Memrise as well. In a way, forcing them to lookup the meaning.


While half way doing it, Ying explained to me, “Mummy, I enter all the BM words first, then only I enter the Chinese characters. It is faster this way cause I do not need to switch to Chinese editor and switch back to English every line .”

“Good,” I said. I am glad she thinks and finds way to make the process more efficient, an attitude I like them to have as well.

p.s.  Now, they are more expert than me using Memrise. They even discover the ranking of Memrise based on the points accumulated, and they are competing with me now. Hahaha…

Membryo – 0

Member – 500

Memdicant – 2,000

Memorandom – 5,000

Memtor – 10,000

Mempee – 25,000

Memsahib – 50,000

Memgineer – 75,000

Memonimee – 100,000

Memblem – 150,000

Memmoth – 250,000

Memocrat – 500,000

Membrain – 1,000,000

Memonist – 2,500,000

Membassador – 5,000,000

Meminence – 10,000,000

Memperor – 50,000,000

Overlord – 100,000,000


Here are the links of the BM Sinonim and Antonim courses they’ve created:

Std 2 BM Antonim:

Std 2 BM Sinonim:

Std 3 BM Antonim:

Std 3 BM Sinonim:



After knowing the wonderful Memrise application, I copied my Kata Kerja material to Memrise, for my girls to ‘play’.  And they like it.

Let me show how Memrise works:

First, it will show some slides to teach the meaning of the words:


Then, it will followed by a few quiz. You need to answer in the given time frame. (The round round thing on the right is a clock.)


And the quiz can be multiple choices, or you have to type out the answer, as below:


If you are not able to answer correctly within the time given, it will show the slide to ‘teach’ you again, and sometimes ask you to ‘copy’ or re-type the word, as a way to learn.


When you complete one exercise, remarks and points are given.


And when  you completed  a level, a fully blossom flower pot is displayed for that level, as below.


On the right hand side, there is a Leaderboard, where you can see your ranking based on points you have accumulated. And children like to compete with each other on this.

So far, my girls said it’s cool. Some more this application is free. Truly hope this can help those in needs, without having to add burden to the parents.

Here is the url for the Kata Kerja course in Memrise:

[04/07/14 – Updated the slide as my girls spotted a typo mistake on the word ‘berdarah’]

Hope my girls will pick these up by themselves, going for another round of ‘workshop’ service.

Like the previous one, it’s a Power Point Slide Show. Click the below link to download it.


I used similar approach for BM Bina Ayat: letting my girls practise constructing sentences in BM through Susun Ayat exercise.

I started with the series from EPH first as well.

susunayat0001 susunayat0006

Here is a sample of questions for Std 2. As you can see, it’s quite simple, and suitable for beginners level.


And here is for Std 3. I think it’s a good exercise to prepare for writing question ‘Write 5 sentences based on what is shown in the picture’ later. At least, the children is guided using this exercise, and learn from it.


If your children’s command of BM is good, you can start with the series from UPH instead. It’s harder.

susunayat0003 susunayat0010


You can compare the questions. Here is questions for Std 2 in UPH:

susunayat0004 susunayat0005


And here is questions for Std 3 in UPH series:

susunayat0008 susunayat0009


Oh ya, must emphasize. Always follow your child’s pace. E.g. Ying is still doing exercises in UPH series for Std 1 Chinese Construct Sentences even though she is already Std 2.

This round of exam preparation, I noticed that Ying is still quite confused with the words “Dari” and “Daripada”.

Mmm… decided to come out with some exercise for her to understand the difference of these two Kata Sendi Name.

Just sharing in case you find it useful too.



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