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Something Mummy read from the internet. I hope you two can always remember this: You have the choice on what kind of a person you want to be; and don’t rely on others to tell you that you are good. You should know yourself better. 


I like these as it comes with example sentences.



This is another book I got from the last Chinese book fest: <看得开,放得下,才是人生> (“Able to see things openly, and able to let go, then only this is called ‘life'”) by 蔡澜


He is one of Mummy’s favorite author, food and travel advisor. He is also very good in art and movie review. He is an artistic person. 🙂 I enjoy reading his book, though I might not agree with him on certain things, but I do have a good laugh reading him presenting his case. Ya, this book is not so suitable for you girls now. mm.. May be when you are old, as old as Mummy, then you might be able to comprehend the humor in his work. He is just like what 金庸 described, “a man of natural and unrestrained” (萧洒).

He said,

“Being miserable about exam, love, money, we all have been through that. Once it passes, we laugh.

Now, why not we borrow the ‘laughter’ to use first ? And pay back the ‘sadness’  slowly in instalment?


Another one,

All miserable things start from ‘being greedy’.

Youngsters like to ask, Guy A and B, whom shall I choose ?

Which one to choose ? Even this also you are not clear, that only means you don’t love deep enough. If you are deep in love, do you need to make a choice ?

Greedy people, both also want, then they are miserable. In such situation, the best is both also don’t want, go and find C, D, E, F or even GHIJK together.”


Hahaha ..

And this one, I like the most:

Life is not calculated by how long you live, but do you live your life with value. 

Go play mahjung if you don’t have any hobby, at least you won’t get Alzheimer’s disease.”


Ya, 蔡澜 was over 70 years old when he wrote this book. And he is still promoting that a person must have at least a hobby in life. And after reading this, it does give a booster jab to myself. 🙂 “Life is not calculated by how long you live,” I am telling myself. 🙂

I didn’t know ‘kick the bucket’ means ‘to die’… ooo ..


I love this at the very first sight I spotted it. I share and let my girls read it too, read out loud.

There were times I was quite surprised on things and ways they speak, picking up from their peers in school. I was quite annoyed especially when they speak just for the sake to speak, without thinking of how rude or empty it sounds. And this is really what I want to teach them …

(e.. I am also still learning as well, especially when I am too carried away by my emotion, sometimes will blurt out something not helpful .. but I think I am good at no. 1)



Another nice one from the FB: Health idioms, not really all about health


Managed to get the first book of this series <人生百忌> by Taiwan author 刘墉 during the last Chinese Book Fest. We have the 2nd one. This one is kind old and hard to find in book stores.


Girls, please do pick up this book and read when you are about to enter college, or university, or before you start working. A lot of sound advice and things not taught in school. It’s true that the world is not always black and white; a lot of time, it’s grey.

I particularly like to highlight this chapter, a must read.

”Pantang’ (Don’t) try to be hero’  and ‘Pantang’ to show off’ (or in Cantonese, ‘want faceee’)

In a noisy party/pub, under dim light, noisy music, a friend sneaked in some pills. Without saying anything, he swallowed one, then handed one to you. He had taken to prove to you that it’s not harmful, if you didn’t take it, means you didn’t trust him, means you were not buddy enough, means you were chicken, or even you looked down on him. At this point, do you want to take ?

You looked at him. He seemed alright. Then you looked around, seemed like those who had taken the pills also looked fine, so you also took it !? And then,… you will get it, and addicted to drug ever since.

Almost all who get into drug addiction are because their ‘friends’ asked them to try it, just for once. Everyone is so ‘high’, can you be not ‘high’? Everyone has taken it, can you not take it?


I have a friend in US entertainment business. Though  he is surrounded by a lot of drug addicts, he never takes drug. He has a tactic.

First, he is very alert. In party, when people inviting him “Hey, let’s get some fresh air upstair,” He knew they most probably will be taking marijuana up there. So he rejected nicely.

Second, he is smart in finding good excuse. When seeing people passing the pills, he would pull out a bag of medicine he prepared earlier to show them, indicating that he was sick and on medicine. If they still insisted, he would let them know his body couldn’t take it, and even a little of that will threaten his life.

Knowing that he might die, anyone dare to force him ? If still forcing him to take, then that person cannot even be considered as a friend.


Let Mummy conclude with this:

Out of curiosity, you can try out bungee jump, scare the hell out of yourself until you wet your pants;

Out of curiosity, you can go and eat the most spicy chillies, until admitted to hospital;

Out of curiosity, you can explore the deep ocean, the underground, the moon, the Mars, ..;

BUT you CANNOT out of curiosity, try out any bit of drugs ! Not even half a bit, not even half a time ! NO COMPROMISE for this !!


Learn these two new words today:


Read this and mm… may be this is a good advice to solve the sibling rivalry issue.


“Don’t let home become a place to fight for love/attention.
Children don’t mind the difference in way parents treat them, but they do mind whether they are being treated fairly.
When parents don’t explain their action(differences) properly, then, that will make the children feel Daddy Mummy is not fair”


December 2013

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