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Something Mummy read from the internet. I hope you two can always remember this: You have the choice on what kind of a person you want to be; and don’t rely on others to tell you that you are good. You should know yourself better. 


I like these as it comes with example sentences.



This is another book I got from the last Chinese book fest: <看得开,放得下,才是人生> (“Able to see things openly, and able to let go, then only this is called ‘life'”) by 蔡澜


He is one of Mummy’s favorite author, food and travel advisor. He is also very good in art and movie review. He is an artistic person. 🙂 I enjoy reading his book, though I might not agree with him on certain things, but I do have a good laugh reading him presenting his case. Ya, this book is not so suitable for you girls now. mm.. May be when you are old, as old as Mummy, then you might be able to comprehend the humor in his work. He is just like what 金庸 described, “a man of natural and unrestrained” (萧洒).

He said,

“Being miserable about exam, love, money, we all have been through that. Once it passes, we laugh.

Now, why not we borrow the ‘laughter’ to use first ? And pay back the ‘sadness’  slowly in instalment?


Another one,

All miserable things start from ‘being greedy’.

Youngsters like to ask, Guy A and B, whom shall I choose ?

Which one to choose ? Even this also you are not clear, that only means you don’t love deep enough. If you are deep in love, do you need to make a choice ?

Greedy people, both also want, then they are miserable. In such situation, the best is both also don’t want, go and find C, D, E, F or even GHIJK together.”


Hahaha ..

And this one, I like the most:

Life is not calculated by how long you live, but do you live your life with value. 

Go play mahjung if you don’t have any hobby, at least you won’t get Alzheimer’s disease.”


Ya, 蔡澜 was over 70 years old when he wrote this book. And he is still promoting that a person must have at least a hobby in life. And after reading this, it does give a booster jab to myself. 🙂 “Life is not calculated by how long you live,” I am telling myself. 🙂

I didn’t know ‘kick the bucket’ means ‘to die’… ooo ..


I love this at the very first sight I spotted it. I share and let my girls read it too, read out loud.

There were times I was quite surprised on things and ways they speak, picking up from their peers in school. I was quite annoyed especially when they speak just for the sake to speak, without thinking of how rude or empty it sounds. And this is really what I want to teach them …

(e.. I am also still learning as well, especially when I am too carried away by my emotion, sometimes will blurt out something not helpful .. but I think I am good at no. 1)



Another nice one from the FB: Health idioms, not really all about health



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