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Bumped into this forum created by a Lick Hung’s parent 3 years ago.

Check it out:

It’s very helpful.

Also at school yesterday, we bumped into one of the school alumni in his late 60. He was the 督工 for the school building extension project, volunteer one. He shared the story how at first the school was only given 6 classrooms by the gov, and it’s the people who actually help to build it like what we have now, the Dewan, the office block. With the spirit “有钱出钱,有力出力”, we achieve what we have now.

My husband added, “Actually money is not a problem, we just need lands.” Ya, this is what we are deprived of, and also teachers.

This is one of the best spirit in Malaysia Chinese, cannot be found else where. And now it’s our turn to contribute. 🙂  They are still short of money for the covered basketball field in the new building under construction now, and I guess more to come for new furniture etc when the building is ready.

And I heard once it’s ready, the school will be in 全日制, all students come in morning session. After lunch, there will be co-curriculum at school until 4pm then only school is dismiss.

Sigh, there are so many problems waiting to be addressed in our current education system. What a waste of time and resources to come out things like Program Laluan Lintas that only benefits very little tiny group of people, and none if you look at the society/community as a whole.



Went to Ling’s Orientation day on 30 Dec @ Lick Hung. Received a worrying alert from the Headmaster. The school is one of the so call “High Performance School” and will be taking part in this “Program Laluan Lintas”.

Selected std 1 students will sit for an online assessment test in Feb. For those who performs well in the test, they will go through the lessons in a ‘fast tracked’ manner where the 1st half of the year they will study std 1 syllabus and the 2nd half of the year, they study std 2 syllabus. Then the following year they will start std 3 syllabus (at age 8).


This is no different than putting the children into a pressure cooker. Even though Ling can do well now if I put her in std 2 syllabus, I won’t allow her to join such a stupid program.

What a child will gain dumping her tons of things to learn in a year time where other kids can learn just fine in 2 years time. Nothing.

But she will lose a great deal of her freedom, leisure time, child hood, times to do things other 7 years old will do, times to do things other 8 years old will do, times to do things other 9 years old will do … … Life is not just studying.

No way man …

This morning Ling told me, “Mummy, I wish I can pass the exam and jump to std 2.”  … oh dear, pengsan liao.  She knows about the program and seems like she wants to take the challenge….

I don’t want you to be like this: 




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