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When I was recuperating at home, beside reading the book 《教育创造未来》by 洪兰老师 ,

I also read this biography of the richest man in Hong Kong 《李嘉诚大全集》.

And I found one common thing both of them are sharing: One’s character is more important than anything else.

From the book 《教育创造未来》:


“The criteria to be successful is not how smart one is, but it’s depends on one’s character; being smart just make the path undertaken easier to go through only.”

“Without a good character, even the smartest kid will not be successful in life.”

And reading these two books trigger me to think back why I want to send my girls to Chinese school. Yes, to learn about all those good values and good cultures of the Chinese, like the 忠孝节义,礼仪廉耻.

Though nowadays I dare not say much of these are covered in the text book nor in class, but, the very minimum, they are exposed to some. And hopefully by reading a lot of Chinese story books, they will learn some more.

And girls, to Mummy, Success doesn’t mean earning a lot of $$$.

Saw this post in Dr 陈卫华’s guestbook.


I am touched dear.

And I am also very thrilled that Dr 陈卫华 replied and so promptly ! Thank you Dr 陈卫华.

Now it’s more than two months and I got my voice bad. I am very grateful. 🙂


p.s. Dr 陈卫华’s 留言板 is:

Before the RAI treatment, I went to see a dentist. There is a hole in one of my big tooth and thought it’s not aching much, but the dentist advised: best is to extract it. So he asked me to consult my doctor first, knowing I was going for my RAI treatment.

This is what Dr Dharmendra told me which I think quite a useful info to share, in case anyone is facing the same situation like me.

Since I was not on Thyroxine at that time, it’s not advisable. If can, wait till I start taking my Thyroxine. Reason being, without Thyroxine, there is a risk of bleeding, it tends to take longer time stop. But then, Dr Dharmendra said the dentist knows how to stop the bleeding if it really happens. Not really critical risk though.

I learnt about this famous quotes by Erich Fromm (German born American Social Philosopher and Psychologist)  when watching a Korea drama.

Immature love says, “I love you because I need you.”



mm.. I see a picture in my mind where a husband told his wife he loves her before they leave for work. Then the next picture showing: the wife works 9-5, rushing home to fetch their children, bathe them, feed them, entertain their needs, teaches them their homework, then after the children are asleep, start cleaning up the mess, rushing to complete all the household chores, before she calls it a day. Then, the picture switch to the husband, lying lazying on the couch, 瞧着二郎腿,watching tv  (ignoring the pile of clothes awaiting to be folded), go for his golf training, go for his badminton session. When it’s time to zzzzz… he says it once again to his wife, “I love you.”


Mature love says, “I need you because I love you.”


Girls, just like Mummy and Daddy need you, not because we want anything from you, but because we love you.


I have been struggling for a while also (just like making up to share about the sacred fruit Seabuckthorn) before deciding to post this.

Same, thanks to Dr 陈卫华 for recommending this personally when we attended his sharing session organized by Sin Chew Jit Poh few months back. He shared about his own experience (very recent one where they found cyst is his stomach) taking this Fucoidan as how the next scan shows all the cyst in his stomach went disappeared. He highly recommended it especially for stomach/digestive system related cancers.

(Another thing I like Dr 陈卫华, at least, he is sincere enough to share based on his experience. Later when I did more research on Fucoidan, in fact, Fucoidan is not just great for stomach related cancer, but can do a lot more.)

As Dr 陈卫华 recommended Fucoidan from stomach related cancer perspective, I paid not so much attention, until… I bumped into this book in Popular, from a Japanese doctor 立川大介 jotting down how Fucoidan helps his cancer patients.


Below are content extracted from the book explaining how Fucoidan helps. But then, I still want to emphasize, (actually my hubby keeps on repeating this to remind me) : without changing and getting rid of bad lifestyle, bad habits, bad diet, nothing can help.




From the NPO Research Site,

Fucoidan, present in brown algae just like hondawara, was discovered in 1913 by Professor Kylin of Uppsala University in Sweden as a source of sliminess of konbu. Chemically, fucoidan is a high-molecular polysaccharide whose main constituent is sulfated fucose. In addition to fucose, the saccharide chain that constitutes fucoidan also includes galactose, mannose, xylose and uronic acid.

Active research conducted shows that Fucoidan

has very significant Anti-Tumor Effect

– inducing Apoptosis : And I learn this very important vocab/biological term (I dislike Biology) :

“Apoptosis” is a generally programmed mechanism of cell death. When certain stimulation is applied to a cell, its gene triggers the self destruction device and the cell dies. Once apoptosis occurs to a cell, DNA of cancer cells will be fragmented and disappear.

In short for me, Cancer cell commit suicide 🙂

– inhibition of angiogenesis

“Angiogenesis” means formation of new blood vessels from existing blood vessels. Cancer cells try to form blood vessels to obtain oxygen and nutrients they need to grow. If angiogenesis is inhibited, cancer cells cannot form new vessels and thus cannot grow. Also, it has been shown that cancer cells metastasize by utilizing new blood cells. In other words, inhibiting angiogenesis prevents metastasis of cancer cells.

boosting immune system : promotion of NK (Natural Killer) -Cell Activity. Yes, our body has this killer cells are believe can destroy cancer cell. We just need to find way to activate it.

And I managed to find some testimonial shared by one Fucoidan product consumers. I am not promoting their product, nor am I consuming one. (I am taking the one from Taiwan with low-mollecular fucoidan,, but it’s a good read of these testimonials, as they give me hope. 🙂


Lastly I would like to conclude with a plead to all: PRESERVE OUR MOTHER EARTH. I always believe Mother Earth is always there trying to help us the earthlings. 

After sharing with you girls about my story “Short Cut ? Innovative ? Following Rules !”, Mummy was so thrilled when discovering 洪兰老师 was sharing similar thing in her book: 教育创造未来 (Education creates Future)

This is what she wrote:

智慧的定义现已变为神经连结的密度和方式。(Wisdom is now defined by the way the brain nerves get connected and its density)

效率 (Efficiency) 是知道该怎么做 (is doing things right),

效果 (Effectiveness) 是知道什么是正确的事 (is doing the right things).

前者是有能力,不浪费时间与精力去达成目的,是神经连结的方式;(The former one is the ability, to achieve aim/purpose without wasting time and energy. It’s about how the way the nerves get connected)

后者是有知识,知道该怎么做才能迅速产生预期效果,是神经连接的密度。(The latter one is the knowledge, knowing what to do to produce result in speedy manner. It’s about the density of the connected brain nerves)

学习要事半功倍,必须知道大脑的运作。 (To be able to learn fast, we must know how the brain works)

Now, putting on Nurse B scenario, which one do you think he lacks ? My guess, the knowledge.


p.s. You can get this wonderful book by 洪兰老师 from mphonline at RM 38.84 (15.00 % off for online purchase only, Usual price RM 45.70 *).

Girls, please read this patiently, though it’s a bit lengthy.

During the RAI treatment, I was prescribed with some medicine to relief my scapular pain, 3 times a day. Knowing that the medicine might cause gastric, Dr Dhamendra also gave me another medicine to protect my stomach to take at night.

Things all went well for the first three days. But on the forth day, there was a change in nurse in charge of me, Nurse B. On the forth evening, when dinner was served around 6+pm, it came together with those medicine, which only I realized I wasn’t given any at 4pm that day. Also my mistake and not bother to clarify, I took the medicine as given. And that night, as usual, at 10pm, I took the last round of medicine.

Tah dah,.. the next morning, for the first time, I felt heartburn and bloated stomach after the treatment. I was scratching head, how come, how come, everything was ok. Shouldn’t be almost towards the end then side-effect emerge. Doesn’t make sense.

That day, the nurse in charge changed again, and luckily for still being able to observe and think properly, I confirmed that all this while, my medication schedule is 8am, 4pm and 10pm. Make sense for a 3 times a day routine.

On the sixth day, Nurse B served me again. I caught the opportunity to ask him why that day he served my medicine at 6+pm. He was a polite and cheerful lad. He answered proudly that

Oh, I collected everything and send them at one time during dinner, save one trip.”

Oh dear, I almost pengsan hearing this.

Now girls, Mummy wants to talk about education. Yes, this decade a lot of people advocate the way ‘must follow rules’, and cheering the approach of promoting ‘creative and innovative, let the imagination run wild, let the children do what they think’. But to Mummy, both are very very important and must always come in below sequence !

– Yes, we must first be able to  follow the rules set by someone knowledgeable/more experience than us when we know nothing. BUT we shouldn’t stop there. We need to kick start our brain to think and figure out why this rules are set before we can go to next step, to be free to ‘run wild’.

– Yes, next, only  after knowing all the reason why, then creativity and innovative comes in, to promote efficiency, short cut, etc, baring in mind that we still need to achieve the right objective and not sway away from the original purpose the rule is set. Still doing the Right Thing Right first is the most important ! 

Think about it. I am grateful to the cheerful service Nurse B rendered, but his attitude can post high risk to a patient. Luckily my case, only some stomach upset (well, I can recover better if I didn’t lose appetite due to upset stomach, right). What if other critical medication, that might cause complication to serious patients?

The next morning, I made up my mind and posted this concern to a senior nurse, asking her to teach this young Nurse B as I didn’t have the chance to see him. I pray hard he won’t repeat this mistake again.

Again, what Mummy hope to teach you both, is to be able to follow rules knowing why we need to, and don’t stop there but dare enough to be creative and innovative to improve the rules. Both are important ! Cannot only be one.


December 2012

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