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My girls watched this cartoon “Avatar” on TV before .

Journeys through the Earth Kingdom (Avatar: the Last Airbender)

And guess what, one weekends, we bumped into the books for this series in Popular. After flipping through one of them, I must say it’s a bit hard for them. May be more suitable for upper primary children. And may be it’s a good choice for boy readers, with all the actions, ‘earth-bending’, ‘water-bending’, the adventure to find the Earth King, to figure out way to stop the invasion of Fire Nation…

We bought home two: “Zuko” and “Sokka”. I would like to keep “Zuko” for later as this character has a quite complicated background, an exile prince, with hatred and always on revenge.. better wait until my girls are more mature. I believe another character “Azula” is not as good. She is the mean sister of Zuko.

Whereas for “Sokka”, he is a funny character. My girls love him. 🙂

There is this paragraph in the story that tell what is happening in the Earth Kingdom, hmm… it helps to teach young children what corruption is.


The Earth Kingdom Chronicles : The Tale of Toph (Avatar: the Last Airbender) The Earth Kingdom Chronicles : The Tale of Azula (Avatar) The Earth Kingdom Chronicles: the Tale of Aang (Avatar, the Last Airbender)

The Tale of Sokka (Avatar Earth Kingdom Chronicles) The Tale of Katara (Avatar, the Last Airbender: the Earth Kingdom Chronicles) The Tale of Zuko (Avatar, the Last Airbender: the Earth Kingdom Chronicles)


Forgot about these books, also 70% off from the Popular sales, which is just RM2.97 only.

The paper used are nice. Every page has very nice illustration. Not too lengthy.

If to use them, I would place them after “Peter & Jane” and before the “Enid Blyton” series I bought.

A book with nice pictures like this is too cheap to be missed.


Bao Bei Reading Wonderland is organizing a seminar/talk on Dyslexia (Reading Disorder) 阅读障碍. The detail is as below.

Date : 21-May-2011 Saturday 10am-12pm

Venue: Kepong

Presenter: Dr Doris Ang

Medium: Mandarin

This reminded me of an article shared by the Principal of my girls’ tadika about learning disorder (but it’s in Chinese). I find it quite useful as well.


Posted on: March 26, 2010

Was reading Andrew Matthews’ Follow Your Heart.

Bump into this quote from Mark Twain:

Don’t go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing. It was here first.


Another good one (for me, it keeps lingering in my mind) from Andrew Matthews’ Follow Your Heart:

“Eventually we discover there are no perfect jobs. Why?

Because people only pay us to do things they can’t, or don’t want to do.

If there were no problems to solve, our job wouldn’t exist.

Sometimes I think it’s quite true for me. I am just a 打工仔. I guess I should be grateful that someone still needs my service and allow me to earn a living. Like one Chinese saying: 拿人钱财,替人消灾.

I can’t imagine a life without job and income. And what Andrew said always help to chase the blue away when I was having a tough time at work. Ya, must be thankful.


I like this line from Andrew Matthews:

There’s a word to describe giving it your best shot every time – it’s called professionalism.

mm..  next time I can tell my husband when he is complaining I am doing too much and should put the girls to day care,

” I am giving my best shot being a professional mother. “


To the girls,

“No effort is wasted.

Changes taking place the moment efforts are put in.

It might not be what you have expected “yet” OR

it might turn out to be something else.

But along the way, you gain new experience, you see things in an new way, you get new idea, you make new friends, and sometimes, you get a new life .

Don’t be idle. Don’t stay put. Just move and make an effort. When things happen, embrace the change, put in effort and change with it.

I like what is mentioned in Andrew’s book: you won’t want to live the same life as the past 5 years.  Do you?”


I get this idea from a mother who paste the Reading Program Record slip at the back of flash cards.

I use it to paste on my girls’ text books which I will go through with them when I am free. I find it helpful to make them at least not so bored to do revision, and a way for me to remember where they have stopped or how frequent they’ve read this page.

Please click on the link below to download the document to print the Reading Record Slip.

Reading Record Slip


Went to Popular Bookstore @ Sunway Pyramid, and bought this book for the girls: The Magic School Bus Phonics Reading Program.

There are 12 books in it.  The phonics readers cover:

short a, short e, short i, short o, short u, long a, long e, long i, long o, y (long i), sh and th.

What attracted me is the context of the stories. The 12 titles are:

  • Takes a Nap (re: hybernation)
  • Falls with the Leaves
  • Rides the Wind
  • Falls from the Nest
  • Drops the Trash (re: recycling)
  • Flies to the Moon
  • Pumps it Up (re: the Heart)
  • Sticks to It (re: spider webs)
  • Ships Out!
  • Makes Flakes!
  • Loses a Tooth!
  • Gets so Cold!

It’s quite suitable for early reader like them. Simple sentences. And there are notes at the back for parents to explore more on science topics the stories touch.

After Ling finished the first one about hibernation, she commented confidently  to me that:

“I know it already lo, Rabbit told me already lo.”

“Huh, Rabbit told you?” I asked.

“Ya lor, Rabbit from my friends Tigger and Pooh told me already lo.” Ling answered.


蔡澜 Chua Lam

最近很喜欢查看名人的生平故事. 今天想说说蔡澜。非常喜欢读他的书,有时一个人边读边笑,只差没拍案叫绝。女儿常常会跑来问,”Mummy, what are you laughing about?"






To Ling and Ying, 妈妈没有什么钱留给你们,只想留给你们一些好书,好人,希望可以帮你们过个精彩的人生。



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