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2nd sets of Cut and paste worksheets for the following BM words:

  • badan
  • kain
  • rumah
  • kayu
  • rambut
  • burung

Please click the link to download  the worksheet.

BM-Cut&Paste(II)-Lesson 5


Posted on: May 29, 2010





Brought Ling and Ying to Zanmai Sushi. We love Japanese food 😛

Ying loves Miso Soup.

“Mummy, I love Miso Soup.” Ying licked her spoon after finishing the last drop of the soup. “I don’t like Monster Shadow Soup, that’s yacky.”

…. hahaha …

Ying fell in her ballet class. I was watching from the outside. It’s her own mistake. She was playing with her friend.

She is an active girl, enjoys dancing a lot. Every morning, after wakes up, she will put on her ballet shoes and skirt, and start her day in that ‘costume’.

She likes to dance, she spins, she twirl and whirl, she hops, she tip toes, and she dances beautifully.

That’s the reason why I sign her up for baby ballet class together with her sister.

She loves it. They both love it. They enjoy the class.

Today when she fell, she stood back up and continued immediately, no crying, no complaining to her teacher. Just followed with the rest.

When she was out, I asked her did she follow teacher’s instruction. She said ‘Yes’.

I asked if she fell, she hesitated for a while, then said ‘Yes. But no pain.’

When we were back at home, I asked again. She said, ‘No, no pain.’. After a while, she said, ‘I am going to be ok after my sleep.’

I know she loves the class. I know she loves dancing (like me).

Decided, going to talk to her, since school holiday is coming soon, and we have paid for June. Will let her know that we have to stop the class for a while until she is old enough.

I hope she will be ok with that.

Am I over protective? I don’t know.

What my hubby think? For him, only same question, what benefits she will get learning ballet. “You learn piano, next time still can earn a good living as piano teacher. But not ballet. ”

“Well, she can be a ballet teacher.”

“Well, only limited to work in dance studio in our country. And the earning is not good.” he said.

… feel a bit tired to go through the same round of argument again…

guess that is part of marriage life with kids.

I love dancing…since small … Ying’s like me …

We are thinking to stop her class.



吃了这么老了,还摆脱不了这个骗人的情节,也许这就是这虚虚实实人生的可爱之处吧 !

Haven’t brought the girls to KLCC for long long time. After visiting my in-law, we decided to go to Kinokuniya @KLCC. The girls were excited.

When approaching the buildings, I asked the girls to look out from the car window. “Do you see the two towers which look the same? They are the Twin Towers.”

“Ya, I know. My friend Amanda been there before.” Ling said.

“I gonna give them a name, one is Cinderella, one is Snow White.” commented Ying.

…. hahaha…

2nd sets of Cut and paste worksheets for the following BM words:

  • orang
  • udang
  • senam
  • tanam
  • enam
  • kerang

Please click the link to download  the worksheet.

BM-Cut&Paste(II)-Lesson 4


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