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Was talking with my husband about the topic ‘Hobbies’, and Ling suddenly interrupted,

“Mdm L (her English teacher) asked us to write down our hobbies, and I wrote ‘doing homework’. But Mdm L said doing homework is not a hobbies,”

“I really enjoy doing homework,..”

“And the whole class laughed at me,” her tone changed to a sad one.

“I like to do homework also, ” added Ying after hearing her sister’s story.

I was a bit surprised to hear this.

Should I tell her, “It’s ok to be laughed in the class. Look at it another way. You bring joy to the class. ” ?

Mummy loves you two so deary.

Ying was reading the latest Oh My English! magazine and suddenly she came to me, pointing to the bottom of the magazine cover and said,

“Mummy, is this what you want to teach us and want us to be – INTEGRITY?”


Yes, dear. That is what Mummy wants 🙂


Ling asked me, “Mummy, do you think I look nicer with my hair clipped, or without ?”

It triggered me to share this picture with them. Something Roald Dahl said:



A post from my sister’s facebook:

Just now as I shower my son, I didn’t noticed a small insect on the wall and the shower ran down on the insect.

My son told me :”mama, you killed the insect. He is injurred ! “,
I said,”I m sorry I didn’t notice it on the wall.”
Trying to safe the insect, but too late :”Oh dear, I think the water too hot, he died oredi…”
Son :” So how?”
(I also dunno how lah actually.. ..)
I just said,” well… say Amitofo to him lah!”
I didn’t expect my son would spontaniously put his hands together & bowed 3 times with respect and say Amitofo to this small little insect.

His action kind of stunned me for a moment…. and I thought somehow we were all born with compassionate heart. 人之初,性本善

Just finished taking my bath, coming down the staircase, already heard the girls quarreling over the TV programme to watch.

My housekeeper was there, trying to help, but both also didn’t want to give in. I stood beside my housekeeper.

“If like that, then no choice lo, have to switch off the TV.” my housekeeper said. I nodded.

A total silence immediately. The TV was off, the quarrel was ended. Both the children dare not to make a sound, but eyes red red. We the adult just walked away ‘gracefully’.

About half an hour later, I heard Ling spoke to Ying, “If we don’t fight, I think Mummy will let us watch the TV. Let’s not fight. ok ?”

“Ya, if you don’t keep on pressing on the ‘Info’ button,” Ying said, trying to make a deal.

“Ok, promise.”

“You go to talk to Mum,”

“You go la,”

“You la, I still have some homework to do.”

Ling showed up at my desk, “Mummy, we promise we won’t fight again. Can we watch the TV please?”

“So, can you remember, TV is for entertainment, not for quarreling or fighting. If you two don’t know how to use it, then don’t watch it.”

Ok, both of them nodded, and their face beamed when I gave the green light. 🙂

Another typical day when school is off..

And, Ling, Mummy always wants to tell you: what a good big sister you are.

In the car, Ling asked about the reading of the Air Pollution Index, and what each number indicates.


Daddy explained patiently about which range was considered unhealthy, and what was the reading at our places, vs what was the reading in Muar then. Ya, the girls showed great concern over the reading in other places.

“How about Alor Setar?”

“Alor Setar is still ok.”

“Phew, then Ah Gong (grandpa) is still ok. ”

And Daddy added that during this kind of situation, we must minimize any outdoor activities, as much as possible, and if needed to, must wear mask. Daddy gave an example of those construction workers who need to work in open air.

Then Ying suddenly interrupted, “To save the postman, I have decided not to write letter to my friend.


……..                                   …..               


Posted on: June 11, 2013

Was watching the Women Final French Open Tennis , when Daddy’s favourite Sarapova was defeated by Serena Williams from USA, and again, the Russian lost to the American.

Was explaining that to Ying.

“Isn’t Sharapova beautiful ?” I added.

“Yes. ” Ying replied. “I think may be because she is too ‘爱美’, that’s why she lost.”



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