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We are quite concerned after learning that RO water, being the most purified water (remove 90-99% of contamination), is acidic and leaches mineral from our body. How true all this, we have no way to tell.

Today, my husband consulted a friend who is very health concious all this while. He has been drinking RO water for decades. He is in good health now EXCEPT sometimes his hand (bone) feels pain. Can it be RO water?  No one can tell. But he suspects so too.

So, like us, this friend did some research, whether to throw away the expensive RO water purifying system. And he discovered this: Bamboo Charcoal.

Bamboo charcoal is rich in a number of minerals including potassium, magnesium, sodium, and calcium. By adding Bamboo Charcoal to a purified water (like RO and distilled water which are mineral-free),  its minerals are dissolved and it enriches the water, and making it less acidic and aggressive.

I browse through the net to learn more about Bamboo Charcoal, and this one is quite good:


Another interesting thing I read from this book



Let me translate: “When sleeping at night, don’t use night light. The brightness of the room should not be more than the star light and moon light, should be just the same as how primitive people lived”.

Reason being: the eyes can only fully rest in full darkness.

In the book, it mentioned also, some scientific research shows children below two who use night light to sleep is prone to be short-sighted近视.

…how true ?? I don’t know…..


I highly recommended this book if you can read Chinese.

I was quite worried for Ying as she was coughing for quite long, on and off. Then she has very sensitive stomach, very frequently get diarrhea.

Was wandering in Popular book store one day and pick up this book.

Now all the mystery about Ying (and my husband who is suffering from sinus) uncovered.

I am quite certain that Ying is 过敏(how to translate in English, over-allergy?). The book talked about the symptom of 过敏: like Ying, running nose in the morning or smell smoke, weather change to cold, weak stomach, …etc.

Then it talks about the top ten food that caused this 过敏 (in Taiwan) and shared the different test available to diagnose one’s allergen(source that cause the 过敏).

And the most important part, it talks about way to help release the 过敏symptom, and ways to heal totally for good.

I haven’t finished reading, as I need to read slowly, a lot of term in Chinese and need to translate to English.

Some of the thing I read are:

– way to cure mild 过敏 (blocked nose, running nose, rashes): lots of Vitamin C (500mg a day)+生物类黄酮, and Quercetin (from onion). For vitamin C + 生物类黄酮 can be gotten from fruits like orange, lemon, apple, kiwi, etc. And if you are taking the Vitamin C tablet to release your 过敏, his advice is to chew the tablet. One important note there is: you can increase your consumption of Vitamin C any time, BUT DO NOT drop the dosage drastically as it will cause the body to react like 败血病.

I feel like I should have read this book before my first pregnancy.

Even it’s not for your children, you should read it for yourself. According to the author, now in Taiwan, almost 80% of the population are suffering from different degree of 过敏.

Need to go to sleep now. Was too excited to share this.


I have been wanting to write about this for quite some time.

The story started when my mum was diagnosed to be having the幽门螺旋杆菌(Helicobacter Pylori). She was having heartburn, reflux and burping, especially after meal, in the morning. She went through the treatment using the series of antibiotics. The symptoms did subside but not all. She still burped and felt discomfort in the morning. And follow up check-up with the doctor only brought back more gastric medicine.

And so happen one day we went window shopping, checking out any new things / new ideas for Chinese New Year gifts in Eu Yan Sang余仁生, the promoter introduced their Manuka honey to us. What caught my attention was the MGO rating. She told us that the MGO ratings was something discovered by German and honey with high MGO can help kill bacteria including the 幽门螺旋杆菌 (Helicobacter).

So with the attitude ‘nothing to loose’, we  bought one with MGO 250 and brought back to my mum. My mum tried it every morning, just scoop a teaspoon and eat directly without mixing with water. A few days later she told me all her heartburn and burping are gone.

Well, in another seperate session chatting with Nutrilite consultant, she also  mentioned about this Manuka honey and Helicobacter bacteria. And she even shared that the best way to consume this honey (more efficient) is to spread it on the bread and eat it slowly.

Again, I don’t have any solid scientific proof, but just want to share what I learnt/experienced/witnessed.


I am reading this…..

Oh dear…

Can it be the root cause to all those pain and disease my parents are suffering ? They take good food, low sugar, low salt, low oil, no eating outside, take supplements, …

Recently had a chit-chat with a direct sale person, about this RO water filter. I am not so convince and scared that it was just another sales talk. So, she just ended the discussion politely by asking me to do more survey on the net.

“According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, “Distilled water, being almost mineral free is very aggressive. Many metals are dissolved by distilled water. Carbon dioxide from the air is easily absorbed by distilled water making it even more aggressive.”

“Studies have shown that distilled water has a special property of being able to absorb toxic substances from our bodies. They can then be eliminated in our urine. Not bad right?

Some studies have indicated that it may have a use in short term detoxification. A few weeks at a time may be ok.

But it is the long term effects that we need to take a closer look at.

The lack of minerals in reverse osmosis water may have some long term effects that may harm our bodies . Distilled water is even used in producing cola and other soft drinks.

Studies have shown that people who drink large amounts of soft drinks, have large amounts of calcium, magnesium and other trace minerals in their urine.

This is due to the acidic nature of distilled water. It pulls these minerals from our bodies in an attempt to balance the higher PH levels in our bodies due to the consumption of these products. Our bodies need these minerals to function properly!”

~~ Article Source:


There are a few good family friends and relatives shared their tips, 秘方 after hearing about my dad’s case.

Some said taking sea cucumber 海参 : steam the sea cucumber with loin pork until it’s cooked will help supplement the lost cartilage.

Some said drink wine, red wine, beer (in a controlled manner), when you are younger can prevent the lost of knee cartilage. My dad said he regretted for not touching any of this when he is younger. His elder brother, elder cousins who enjoy these drinks don’t have any knee issues like him.

Some said you should start taking the glucosamine supplement even you don’t have any cartilage issue. Well, my uncle started taking it when he was 50+ and as strong as a bull (he was a strong farmer before he retired) and now he is in his 70+ and he also doesn’t have such problem.


Well, all this are sharing from good people who mean well. There is no scientific proof of it.

We start taking some Chinese medication wine like Yomeishu 养命酒 and my hubby appreciates red wine, good red wine especially when meeting up with friends.

p.s. I am not promoting alcohol here. Just like coffee, my personal view, these food taken in moderate amount will do our body more good than harm.


I was surfing around about Rheumatoid Athritis (风湿关节炎,hereafter refer to RA), and bumped into this website. Based on researchers at the University of Oslo, Norway, food-related antibodies may show up in the gut of people with RA. And this antibodies, bind with proteins, forms immune complexes that may contribute to inflammation in the joints. The test shows intestinal fluid of people with RA had higher levels of antibodies to proteins from cow’s milk, cereal, hen’s eggs, codfish and pork than that of people without RA.

On the other hand, when my mum consulted the Chinese traditional doctor (中医), she is advised to avoid taking the following foods as well: yam (very notorious), salted fish, salted vegetables, internal organs of animals.



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