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Some more worksheets on musical notes – on F clef.


My hubby shared a story with me today:

“Everyday when you walk passed a house with a dog inside, the dog always barks fiercely to you.

If you can just ignore the crazy dog and don’t be bother about it, then the barking won’t affect you.

If you cannot stop the dog from barking, and yet you are very much disturbed by its barking, then everyday the frustration will continue to haunt you when you walk pass the dog.

So why don’t you choose to change and ignore the barking. That will be the solution.”

And the morale of the story is:

“So same thing, if you have a boss that ‘barks’ at you everyday, why don’t you try to change and learn to ignore the noise. Then your day won’t be spoilt.” 

Hahaha … luckily I don’t have that kind of bosses. 😛

p.s. He told me, this was a story his colleague told him, from a book.

Some more worksheet on reading musical notes.


Last few days, husband had to put up in company hostel, some critical system broke down and have to stay put to recover it.

So taking care of the girls alone. Early morning prepare + buy breakfast, send them to school, start my work, pick them up during lunch, continue my work, and when I am off, do some homework with them, some reading, and also watch the “Mama Mia” again with them, and prepare their milk and sleep when it’s time for bed.

Though have more chores to do, but I kind of feel comfy and relax. I do not need to see someone pretend to doze off or face his laptop as if he is working when what actually happening is he is reading comic or downloading movies online.  … Ya, looking back, those few days were kind of nice and peaceful. The girls were happy. I was happy. … … Too bad they were coughing, else, I might even bring them out for a walk.

Sometimes I wonder, why he wants to get married and build a family when he enjoys single life style so much?

Now looking at it, isn’t it home alone better.

p.s. Girls, must really make sure what you and your “He” want when talking about getting married next time. Never never because people get married you must also get married; people has children, you also must has children.

Today gave Ling some traditional cough medicine, she still has a bit dry cough.

After taking the medicine, the girls looked at the box and read a loud the Bahasa Malaysia words printed on the box.

“Ubat Batuk Cap Ibu Dan Anak”  – (English translation is: Cough Medicine for the Brand: Mother and child)

“Then only mummy and us can eat this, daddy cannot lo.” commented Ling after reading.

Hahaha …

Saturday – My brother was having mild fever and diarrhea in the afternoon. Went to see doctor in the evening, suspected mild food poisoning. After taking medicine, things seemed to be in control.

Sunday – day time: my brother felt the craving for food – yummy food some more. Bought white bread for him. But he ate the ‘Spiderman’ bun (with a little chocolate and cream) I bought for the girls. Later, he ate the white bread spreading peanut butter on it. It was too late when I found out. And I told myself, ya, may be he knew his body better. May be he was really ok already. … before long, the diarrhea and fever came back in the evening.

Sunday – night: mum called up as she learnt about the fever. Told her about the recurring diarrhea, she said, “You should have told him that he cannot eat the peanut butter ….” … I was like, “huh! my bro already 30+ over years old, do you still expect me to babysit him the way I babysit my 5 years old?” .. really speechless…

Was upset. It hurts. This wasn’t the first time. Ya, that is the hidden pressure I have taking care of my brother. The responsibility is too huge to cope.. and really really afraid of all the blaming if my brother has any  “yi yuk”  (in cantonese – means anything happens on him).  It’s just so not fair … sigh …

Last Monday, went for grocery shopping at Giant Hypermarket. Got attracted by a temporary book stall at one of the entrance. Stopped by and had a look. Wow, the books were cheap.

I bought the wonderful children science series “I wonder why” from Kingfisher publication @RM12.90 each. Very cheap.

Then I saw this Princess story book which I bought from Kinokuniya @RM62+ last time, it was selling at only RM25+ there. Hard cover, with 300 over pages. (In Cantonese, we say, “Very tai”)

Later I found out that this stall was from a book shop called BookXcess, a book shop known for its lower price, which located in Amcorp Mall.

They have a facebook account also:

Hmm…. find one day, I shall drop by the shop and see… cannot help … the place I like the most in this world are places which have lots of books 😛


April 2011

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