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The girls love the Magic School Bus vcd I bought for them. They laughed when watching the Bella frog hopping around in the episode called Habitat.

Then the ever helpful Ling was explaining to her sister the picture on the vcd cover, “You see, the green thing is the germ that make us sick. Then the white white thing fight the germ and make us healthy again.”

And I like their website as well, which has good suggestion for science activities.   Plan to try out the activity for “Get energized” episode with the girls later.


Yesterday watched a nice talk show about parenting. The topic for that week is: 教养孩子难,夫妻吵不完。

This talk show is from Taiwan. I watch a lot drama series from Taiwan, especially the Hokkien series like 意难忘,爱, 娘家. Familiar with some of the artists. The artists in Taiwan are very concern about their children education. In Taiwan, they have a lot of programs like Shichida, and they share the same concern about picking up English language for their children. And I heard there are Kindergarten operated using Shichida method there.

If you can access, you can watch the talk show I mentioned online. Just click on the image to try out.



– latest one: wordworld Word World by US Minitry of Education if I am not mistaken. It helps children to pick up new word, learn the phonics and spelling. All the things in the WordWorld are made up of word. Like the main character, frog, is actually a frog drawn using the 4 alphabets, arrange together in a way that make a picture of frog. I still remember in one episode, it tells a story where to frog accidentally added a ‘S’ to his bed, and the bed becomes two beds, and more bed keep on popping up. And then the frod realize the power of the ‘S’ and use it to add to the word ‘pizza’ and they get a lot of ‘pizzas’ to eat.

I must say I salute the creative people who contribute to this wonderful show.

So now, every morning, my elder daughter will watch this show before she leaves for her kindergarten.

To wrap up, it’s very important that parents watch the tv together with the kids, this will help to bonding as well as the kids will be eager to share the story they learn from the show.

This year, I discover another great programmes for my kids:

dibothegiftdragongi2– Dibo the gift dragon: it’s very colourful and has interesting story. It’s from South Korea. I am so impressed and attracted to its beautiful characters.

Let me share my story. Previously my two princesses kind of jealous of each other a lot, need not to mention how they fight over toys. Then one day, the elder princess watch this Dibo show, and that day the story is all of the characters receive gift except one. One of the characters just give away her gift to the unlucky one. I didnt say anything when watching the show with her. When her sister came back from nanny’s place, she let her sister took her toys and ran to tell me, “See mama, I can share with my sister now.”… I am so so thrilled…

A few more good programme I expose my children to are:

little_einstein Little Einstein: it introduces musical stuff, classical music, and famous painting and famous places around the world. I have no knowledge in music but my 3 year old child  is able to tell me what is moderato, crecendo..and she knows what is sphinx, knight, pyramid and more which I never teach her before.

– Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: it is very suitable for them as they pick up counting, color, shape, pattern, and some logical thinking exercise from there. One day when we are in the car and passing a car which broke down due to a flat tyre, my younger princess told me, “mama, it’s just like Mickey Mouse Club House, and they need to find a circle (she sometimes mix up circle and round) tyre, cannot use a triangle or square one”. (There is one episode where Mickey needs to fix his tyre ask the kids which is the correct shape).

Though some school of thoughts discourage TV watching for young children, but I do believe with some control and careful screening of the programme, children can learn from TV.

When my daughters were not yet 2 years old, they don’t show much interest to the tv. But around 2+years old, they started to get attracted to the big square box.

What I first introduced to them is Barney the big purple dinousaur.Barney and FriendsThey sing and dance a lot and the show also teaches a lot of good moral thingy like being polite and good manners.

As we normally will watch the show with them together (my husband even printed out the lyrics and learnt the song), we have common things to talk about, common song to sing, common gesture and funny actions. And sometimes we even use Barney to teach the kids, like ‘Barney said need to take turn..’, ‘Barney said must share…’.

Thanks to Barney.


April 2020

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