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Brought the girls to visit their 姑姑 who just gave birth of cousin William. The girls were so excited and Ying said she love William. She will wait till William is like Lawrence (another cousin brother of them) so she can play with him. hahaha..

On the way home, Ying asked, “Mummy, is William mummy’s 姑姑?”


“Why?” Ying asked again.

“Because 姑姑 gave birth of William.” I explained.

Ling who was sitting quietly at the back opened her mouth, “Why only women give birth of baby? Why no men give birth of baby?”

“Oh, that is how our body is like. Only woman can have baby. Man’s body cannot.” .. oh dear oh dear, I started to sweat..

“Why?” Ling was still not convinced.

“mm… This is how things are. We are born like that. There is a different between woman and man. .. ” oh dear oh dear… still silence in the back..

I continued, ” Just like if you are born as a dog, you have tail. But we are not dog, we are human being and we don’t have tail. .. There is no why why we don’t have tail.”

“Oh, ..” Ling seemed to understand now.

And almost immediately, Ying concluded loudly, “We don’t have tail, but we have 屁股。”

We all laughed …

I love this YouTube sent by my sister, very very much… Yes, life is all about learning lessons…


Attended the Teacher-Parent Interview session with Mrs Seabourne @ Lorna Whiston. Ying is doing fine, she is ahead in reading and writing, just that the teacher noticed that she was more shy and withdrawn recently. We were advised to pay more attention. It can be anything, diet, change of environment, sickness that might cause such change in a child. I am very thankful for her observation on Ying (even though it’s just a weekly class). All this while we notice that as well.

Came home and surfed the net for some help, bumped into this site which I find very helpful:

It shares some good tips about children behaviour and shyness.

I like the story the author shared about their sixth child Matthew:

Our sixth child, Matthew, is one of the most peaceful, happy children to ever live on the face of this earth. Matt is cautious in his friendships, but once he makes a friend it’s for life. He is a reserved person with a lot of valuable inner stuff for others to discover. He warms up slowly to new acquaintances, but once comfortable in your presence he’s charming. Matthew is just a nice child to be around. (Peter, our third child, is like this, too.)

Shortly after Matthew started school, we had our first parent-teacher conference. The teacher said, “Matthew sure is shy, isn’t he?” “Yes, Matt is reserved,” we explained. Later in the dialogue the subject came up again, “Matt is very quiet.” “Yes, he is very focused,” we answered. As the discussion of Matthew continued, this teacher soon realized we saw Matthew’s traits as positive. As the school year progressed, the teacher grew in respect for this quiet, peaceful, blond-haired boy in row two. Matthew was a nice student to be around.

And the author mentioned also there are children who hide behind the shy veil to cover up their internalized anger and self-dislike. This is my fear as well.

And I like the story about the mouthy mom and mousy child as well. Must make sure I am not making that mistake.

Last night, after the girls slept. We both were resting beside, and Mr Daddy looked at the girls and said, “Oh, my two girls 下巴尖尖的哦!”

“Ya, thennnnn ? … ” I waited for his conclusion.

“No then…” he smiled, “圆的扁的我都喜欢.” (be it round or flat chin, I also love it)

“They are my daughters.” continued him.

I love you 🙂

This is a good site with input from parents who have sent their children to Abacus & Mental Arithmetic class in China.


Some kids really improve and gain confident in Maths. They can solve the mathematics problem faster by half the time compare to their classmates in school. Some even said good improvement in focus, response, memory, right-brain training, …


Some kids find the program dull and stressful. And some even become more confused and cannot even get 3+5 without using the hands.

I think quite a good info gathered there.



One of my family member being cheated by this 刮刮乐 scandal near Berjaya Time Square.

I surfed the web and found some good sharing in cari forum.

Sharing the below, and please, nothing in this world comes free. And the more you are craving for money, the easier to fall for it. If you think you are that lucky, try your luck on TOTO or DAMACAI. 没有白吃的午餐。没有不劳而获的东西 (你以为是选举吗?)

一个叫 kelly,另一个叫 william (电话号码:012-6366xxx)

Kelly 声称自己 19岁,1990年的,来自Johor,目前在 PJ 的 UM 读大学。。。
说是假期做 part time,
在路边派那些干案的 “中乐透彩卷” (在吉隆坡Time Square正要过去金河广场的天桥下,很多人等巴士那里)

我大概形容一下他所派那张 “乐透卷”
大概是 11cm x 11cm 这样的大小

不知道什么什么大公司 (我记得一个是 pan-nier,不知道怎样的拼音,是一家专出产音响的)

然后我就问他什么意思?(因为朋友抽到的只是THANK YOU罢了)
kelly 就表情很夸张的说我很幸运!我中奖了~
可是还不知道是什么奖,但是最小的奖品总值 RM7000
然后又叫我打给他的 agent(william),还带我们到他们的“总公司”去 scan 银色圈圈里到底是什么大奖!


地点: Taman Danau, Damansara (Desa Water Park 那里)
路号:Jalan 4/109F 58100 Kuala Lumpur
(在 Jalan 2/109F 转进去的。路口是shell油站)
他的 “总公司” 所在位置是在 100Yen 和 D’ Place 的中间的楼梯上去,

(看到 100Yen 吗? 就是那边!他们的贼窝)



Jalan 4 /109F 的路口有一档卖报纸的

一转入Jalan 4 /109F,美食中心前面有一个电箱,从我们现在这个方向看去,转你的左手边,就是贼窝的地点!

我还真的以为那么干脆,去到他们的office scan一下就可以了!

第一:一个part-timer 怎么可能可以知道总公司的密码?
第四:while agent 在和我们谈的时候,part-timer可以随便进进出出,还可以插嘴说话?
第六:他们的公司没有logo,还有 lesen number竟然写在 company name 下面?

所谓的 RM5600 就是什么 5% Gov Tax,运输费用等等~~~




他们最近  “转行” 做 “慈善” 了,
也是一样在timesquare to sg wang 的天桥下


Looking at these few days newspaper, recently a lot of fatal car accidents where the vehicles were caught in fire after the crash, causing the death of the car passengers, severe injuries, …

Don’t recall we had a lot of car accident with fire before.

I read some where that “a fuel with RON 95 spec burns faster or easier to burn“.

Now now… “burns faster or easier to burn” .. isn’t that scary in some way?

Who can help to verify and confirm whether it’s really true that the root cause for all those accidents are Ron 95? ..


I think no one.  .. .. ..  in this ‘blacker’ and ‘blacker’ world (黑心世界).

What can we do?

If can afford, try not to use Ron 95?

Drive more carefully and with 200% of concentration, no speeding, following the rules … ?

Pray harder ?

Namo Amitabha  自求多福 !



早上起来,老夫人就得泡好咖啡,然后, 拖着疼痛的膝盖,赶去巴刹买早餐给我老家的四肢健全的男人们。

平时家务事,那男人们更是滴水不沾,比黄家闺秀更娇滴滴。偶尔心血来潮,帮忙洗个碗,老夫人就得抱着很感恩的心,感激他们洗了自己用的碗,扫了自己家的地,抹了自己家的窗。。。而男人们则趾高气扬的,好像干了一番大好事,大施舍,功德无量 。。。天啊 !


Didn’t visit my facebook frequently. Though once and a while like to just clicking on all those old pals’ wall to see what had happen, look at the happy photo they have posted, and the nice places they have been to. Really really feel like go travelling after seeing that.

Once and a while, bump into very very long lost friends. Oh, they become like ‘this’ when they ‘grow up’ …  interesting …

Me, I am never a very happy or optimist person… except during my form six time, when I told myself, this is the last two years in my life where I did not need to bother about money and the complicated adult world outside, could still hide behind the school uniform and tried to have fun in school, away from home, away from money problem, away and away, .. .. ….  that was the time where my shoulders were the lightest… and that was the time I really threw every problem behind and enjoy my life..

Really miss those days ..

Glad that we have ‘facebook’ in this generation … some how some where , it allows us to get connected, in some way… hahaha… at least I know those people who was once so close in my life, are all doing well in life….  with all the happy faces 🙂

… just some ranting in this blue blue Tuesday’s evening. ..

Some translation:

He was born a normal child. When he was 10 years old, played hide and seek with friends and got electric shock. After recover from the 45 days of most critical stage of his life, he learnt that he was going to lose his hands. He asked a few questions, like “How can I eat?”

His mum answered,”You have to practise eat by yourself. Who is going to take care of you?”

His mum told him, “You are not in different from other people.”

He said, “I just think, things you all do with hands, I use my legs/feet.”

And his famous words:

“Either live your life splendidly, either die quickly …”


October 2010

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