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My hubby shared this with me, hahaha… I couldn’t help saying, ‘oh, it’s you..’ , ‘oh, it’s just like you’, …. hahaha

Ya, I need a Ford Focus to be a ‘not so typical lady driver’.

And he said too bad Ford Ranger doesn’t have that parking assistance features… ya, he is very tempted with the new Ford Ranger now after checking out my brother-in-law’s new Ranger.

Recently Mr Daddy kind of addicted to test driving. Last weekend, while waiting for the girls’  class, he kind of kidnapped me to test drive the Ford Fiesta.

Must admit, it looks sporty. But I don’t think it matches my ‘childish old man’. More for 20+  or early 30s youngsters. The space at the back is quite small, not tall enough, my 180+ cm tall brother sure cannot sit in, will hit ceiling. And the head rest is not comfortable as well. The sales rep said ya, he can help to trim to make it more comfy if we order one. Ya, it’s not meant for family car.

And this console, mm.. I believe it’s either you love it or you hate it. My uncle-like hubby cannot take it. He said so “alienated”. Face it old man, you are not young any more.

But then if you talk about specs, before test drive, according to my hubby, it’s very good. After test drive, here is his comments in brief (I couldn’t understand and remember most of it) –

– powerful

– cornering 一流 (top, superb)

– handling also  一流

– quiet

– brake not as sharp as Toyota though. He still prefer Toyota

– some how it needs to press hard and cannot let go the petrol pedal, to “drag” to reach higher speed when starting. He said this one cannot fight Polo. The Wolkvagen is very smooth.

– suspension – superb, even though we sat on sport model (which normally the suspension more stiff), going through a few bumps, still ok for the back passenger (which is me, my old bone still in tact).

– very safe car though.

After hearing his comments, the sales rep gave us another round of test drive. He said my hubby still didn’t know how to drive ‘properly’. This time he was the driver. Man.. I had to hold on tight the handle at the back as he sped through all the bumps and cornering, without slowing down. The car is just so good that it remains very stable for the driver to handle, especially the cornering, din’t even sway a bit.

Overall, it’s an “exciting” experience.

This morning, the girls went to their Lorna Whiston class after a full glass of milk. They claimed they were too full to take anything else.

After class, a bit worried they would be too hungry…. and then …

Mr Daddy said since we passed by, let’s dropped by to see Peugeot 5008. I was like … sigh .. Couldn’t you wait for next week or some other time? … before I could say anything, we were in front of the Peugeot showroom entrance.

Mr Daddy went for a test drive happily and the girls loved the car very much. Ying even said, “Mummy, please buy this car.”

Mr Daddy said, “Why not Ying you buy for mummy next time?”

She smiled widely 😛

“So what do you think, mummy?” asked Mr Daddy.

I had to be cautious else this ‘childish old man’ will do something crazy, cannot show too much interest, else he will take my old-dying iswara as the excuse, and spend on this car. [GIRLS , cars are liability. Doesn’t waste too much money on it. Once you buy one, you starts loosing money.]

“新鲜 (something different)”

“That’s only comment?” he asked

“Ya.” I tried to be as truthful as possible.

… actually I love the moonroof, the girls love the airplane-cabin like passenger seats, where they can have their own video pack, foldable desk (like the one on the airplane to take our meal). . . and daddy loves it too, got power, smooth handling, cornering, .. yeah, we all love it …

2010 Peugeot 5008 MPV

Peugeot 5008 - Rear Angle, 2010, 800x600, 22 of 80

Peugeot 5008 - Interior, 2010, 800x600, 35 of 80

… The girls only took their lunch around 1pm.

… and luckily no $$ exchange took place.


April 2020

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