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Christmas morning, the girls wake up with a merry soul. Ling played her piano while waiting for me taking my bathe. Ying played her ‘masak-masak’ game in the play room. When done, we went downstair together.

“Mummy, can we start our Christmas party now?”

“Yes, sure. Go to the Christmas tree and play there lo.. mummy needs to get ready for breakfast.”

“Yeah !…” the girls ran off happily.

.. in a minute… “Mummy! mummy! Look what I found! Look ! Look!” Ying ran in with two nicely wrapped presents in her hands.

“Santa Clause give us presents.” Ying almost shouted with joy.

“Oh!” I tried to act surprised.”Who are they for?”

“Oh oh .. ” The girls started examined the presents.. “One for me and one for 姐姐”

“Mummy, can we open the gift now?” Ling asked.

“Open la.. ” I smiled.

.. So happy seeing them jumping and cheering unwrapping the presents… ya, it’s a Merry Merry Merry Merry Christmas ..

“Mummy, why you and daddy don’t have presents one?” after calm down, Ling came to ask me this, with a serious look. Oh dear, 好贴心。



Christmas eve, in the car, sending the girls to Bao Bei, the radio was playing the girls’ favorite Christmas song and they were singing along:

… You better watch out, you better don’t cry, you better don’t pout, I am telling you why, Santa Clause is coming to town …

Suddenly Ling asked, “Mummy, our house got chimney or not?”

“No oo dear.”

“mm… how is Santa Clause going to come in our house tonight?”

“I know I know, he will use a door. He will use one of our door.” Ying replied.

“Do you think Santa Clause will come tonight?” Ling asked.

“Are you good girl this year?” I asked.

“Yes..” the girls replied almost immediately.

“I am not sure we are in Santa Clause list or not.” .. then Ling said.

“If you are good, then yes lo ..” I said.

“mm… I wonder what Santa Clause will give us tonight…” Ying continued..

… oh dear oh dear… now Mummy got new assignment, another magic to be created… hahaha

One morning, Ling asked, “Mummy, when we are old, we will die right?”

“Ya, we all will return to Namo Amitabha. And if we are good, Namo Amitabha will send us to a better world.”

“A better world? A world with magic?” Ling asked.

“Ya…” I can only smiled.

“Why this world no magic one?” Ling asked.

“I know I know. In North Pole. There is magic in North Pole, where Santa Clause and Snowman live.” Ying answered immediately after being quiet listening to our conversation.

Yes, girls .. there is magic in this world with you two come into my life 🙂

Since young, Christmas is my favourite holiday, even though I am not a Christian, nor am I celebrate it.  I just love this festival as it’s so magical to me. It was always my dream to have my own Christmas tree at home, but a lot of time, “It’s a waste of money” are the words keep on showing up in my mind that hold me back.

This year, finally, I convinced myself (by taking the girls as an excuse) to buy a Christmas tree. Ya, they will love it. It worth the buy as the month of December will be a cheerful one with the beautiful tree at home. It will give fond memory to the girls going for Christmas tree deco shopping. It feels good creating magic to the girls 🙂

Today on the way to Bao Bei, Ling asked a strange question: “Mummy, are you and Daddy happy before Ying and I were born?”

mm.. tricky question.

“Ya, a little bit happy. Not as happy as after you and Ying are born.” I answered cautiously, paying full attention for her response to my answer.

“Why? Why are you not as happy? Why are you not happy?”

“We were happy. And when you and Ying are born, we are very very very very happy.” I am trying to emphasize on the ‘very very happy’.

“Why are you very very happy after we are born? You have to send us to classes, and you have no money for yourself now.” She looked at me intensely.

Oh dear, … I am just stunned and speechless for a while.

“Because we love you mah. And we are more happy this way.” .. I tried to answer in a very ‘cool’ manner.

“Oh..” Ling ended the session and went back to play.


While waiting for the girls’ ballet class to end, was flipping through a few old magazines from the rack, and in one edition of Her World, the below lines caught my eyes:

“Sexiness wears thin after a while and beauty fades, but to be married to a man who makes you laugh every day, aah…

now that’s a real treat.”

from Joanne Woodward, the late Paul Newman’s wife. 

I passed the magazine and demanded my hubby to read it. We both smiled after reading it.  Ya, a real treat in life. 🙂


December 2010

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