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Bought the Kumon Grade 1 Reading and Grade 2 Reading books from MPH for the girls. They love it.

Grade 1 Reading Workbooks

It slowly leads the girls to reading, starts from single words, short vowels, long vowels, rhyming words, vocab, then slowly short stories.

Some more the book uses a lot colourful pictures, just nice for their age.

And this is the first book with scores (every lesson 100 points) for them, and every time they are so eager to mark their own paper. Guess they are having fun in a way.

One thing to note is that, on the book cover, it claims : “Aligned to States Reading Standards”.   mm…

Here is a sample page for Grade 1:

and sample page for Grade 2 :

You can find out more details about the books here:

There are 6 level/grade together for this series.

After so many posts on Global Maths Mental Arithmetics, I feel like I need to clarify that, it doesn’t mean that Global Maths is the best of all in Maths and a must go. There are a lot of Maths classes like Kumon, Enopi, Math Monkey, etc out there.

We visited some, and we like some other class as much as we like Global Maths. Just that after all the survey, we choose this one as it is the best fit.

We actually like Enopi a lot. Just that the center most convenient to us, we don’t quite like the environment and the teachers there. My husband even commented, “If only we can sign up to get the worksheets they are using, you can teach them yourself at home.” …

Ya, if I have not spent my money on the previous Reading center, I might consider taking up this Franchise… after all I like teaching, I like beautiful pictures and I love Maths. If you compare Enopi worksheets and Kumon one, they are more lively for younger children, as there are colourful drawings used in the questions.

But but, that doesn’t mean Kumon is not good. I witness a boy having trouble with Maths when he was 6 years old, after a year in Kumon, now he is doing fraction, already passes those +, -, x, ÷.  I remember a comment from a Kumon center’s Principal, the program really required discipline and determination. She sees a lot of children make it through but also has students, already standard 5 still not able to do the +, -, x, ÷ properly. And similarly, Kumon is solving on the formula questions, not on 应用题。

If you are interested in Maths, the next thing you can check it out is the Maths Olympiad.

I still remember that in a Math paper, the question that carries the most mark is 应用题.

And I always believe that on top of knowing all the mathematics concepts and rules, the most important skill required to tackle 应用题 is possessing a good reading skill. E.g. If you are in Chinese primary school, the Maths paper is in Chinese. So, if you are not able to read in Chinese, don’t know what is the story about for that question ( 应用题), no matter how good and fast you can calculate by heart, it is useless, as you don’t know whether you should do a plus or a minus or a multiply.

I remember writing about this before, and sorry for being long winded, but really, just want to stress the important of reading skill in maths paper, if you want to score.

We actually visited Global Maths, Kumon, E-nopi, .. so far, we like E-nopi the most, as they have segregated their program to two parts: Basic Math and Critical Thinking Math. I personally like their teaching materials. But then we didn’t sign the girl up (though they love it also, actually they love all classes, just we dont have $$$), because we are not quite satisfy with the teachers and the environment in the centers near my place. If only I can get the materials (the booklets), …

p.s. I like Maths. I love Maths. I was good in Maths.. never took tuition and Maths was always the subject I had confident to score. And because of some stupid reason, I took Biology instead of Double Maths in my STPM. So the whole two years of my Form 6, I enjoyed the Maths and Physic class the most, and just let the mind wandering about when it came to Biology. Never even touch the two thick Biology books if not exam.

During the Biology practical exam, I couldn’t even differentiate whether the frog I dissected was male and female. Tried to get some clue from the 监考 teacher, asking whether the black black things were the frog eggs , etc.. well, not success. .. finally simply drew a “unisex” one… hahaha… and luckily can still get a “C” for that paper.

A letter I received from LINGENIUS (I bought books from them before):

For the first time, LINGENIUS is partnering with other book suppliers to offer unbeatable prices on these titles:

Ladybird, Kumon, DK, Letterland, BrainQuest, HinklerBooks and TopThatPublishing.

With this, we are offering more than 3000 children titles, with discounts up to 35% off their retail prices!

With a wide variety of book titles at great discounts, it’s definitely a great deal not to be missed.

What’s more, we are offering free delivery and gifts (minimum order amount applies).

This is a Pre-Order. You may refer to our website for ordering information and product pricing.

Order closing date is 15th March 2010.

I have a chance to meet with a Principal from an Abacus and Mental Arithmetic school. She has been in the business for more than a decade. This is what I understand from her:

– The program introduces maths to young children using Abacus – this is a tool to let the children ‘visualize’ the numbers : similar concept with dots cards used in Shichida and Glenn Doman. On top of that, using the Abacus with both hands help the right brain development. And it helps to train the coordination of the sight, feeling and hearing senses in a child as well.

– Similar to Kumon, it needs lots of practise and eventually the children are able to memorize the equations/answers. The difference is that for Mental Arithmetic what is memorized are pictures of Abacus – just like photographic memory in Shichida and other right brain training method.  Where as Kumon, the image are the numbers.

– What is achieved for both Mental Arithmetic and Kumon are similar, that children are able to calculate, and calculate very fast, way way very fast.

– One last important point I learn is that, this program (and same as Kumon) doesn’t promise the children will score in school. Comprehension and languages come into picture when talking about problem solving and maths questions in school exam. The children needs to be able to understand (able to read) the questions and apply the correct Arithmetic to work out the answer.

– My husband used to ask me is it so important to be able to count so fast. One parent who sells satay is so impressed by what the Mental Arithmetic class has taught her daughter that she travels more than an hour every week to send her daughter to this class in KL (They are not from KL).  She said, “My daughter can calculate the price the customer needs to pay very fast and without miss, and she is only 7 years old.”

So what I learn from the meet upl is that, everything still goes back to build a good foundation to be able to read and understand.


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