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A week ago, while taking her lunch, Ling stopped and said, “Mummy, I don’t think I am beautiful, especially after I wear specs.” … I forgot what was my reaction then.

Today in the car, while driving, I told Ying that someone said her drawing was beautiful, and she replied, “My drawing might be beautiful, but I am not beautiful.”

Oh dear oh dear, this is not something I expect it to come so fast. And vanity is one thing I don’t want you two to pick up at all. Was a bit stunt and don’t know how to react. But I knew I could not just keep quiet this time.

“Do you think Mummy is beautiful ?” thinking that they might say no.

“Yes” both of them replied. What a silly question.

“Even with all this pimple and holes on my face ?”

“Yes,” Ying said.

“Then, do you think 阿麻 is beautiful ? ”

“Eh … yes, ” a hesitate yes this time from the girls.

“How about 爷爷 ? Is he beautiful ? ”

The girls started giggling and trying to correct me that I should use handsome.

“You know what I am trying to ask. So, with all the wrinkles on his face, do you think 爷爷 is beautiful ?”

“Not really .. ” Ying answered.

“Then, 爷爷 has to be always upset and dig a hole to hide since he is not beautiful, ”

The girls laughed out loud.

“You have a kind heart, you are a good person, you do good things, you should feel good about yourself, even when you are old, you are still beautiful. Just like how you see 阿麻, 爷爷 and me. Beauty is not just how you look from the outside. ”

Ai ya, I also don’t know what I was talking about… so ‘deep’, don’t know how to teach them.


Dedicating one of Mummy’s favorite song to you,  by James Blunt, assuming he is singing to you two, my angels

“You’re beautiful, You’re beautiful,  You’re beautiful, It’s true…”

One day last week, Ying finished her homework quite fast, and straight she took out a piece of recycle paper and start drawing and colouring. Normally she would have chit-chat a lot with her sister, but not that afternoon.

That night, when she was tidying her school bag, she came to me with the piece of recycle paper, and a cheerful smile on her face.

“Teacher said there is a drawing and colouring competition, organized by Colgate, ” she handed me the piece of A4 paper.

“Teacher said must draw a face with a wide smile showing the teeth, ” she explained to me pointing to her drawing.

“And must write ‘Senyuman Ceria Saya’ on it,” she ended.


Ai ya,.. I should have paid more attention and found out what she was doing then, I could have corrected her and asked her to draw on a proper drawing paper. But now it’s kind of late, almost their bed time. Didn’t think she had enough time to redo everything. But still I tried to ask her if she wanted to do it. If yes, I would let her stay a bit late, later than usual.

“Dear, I think you might need to draw on a proper drawing paper. Do you want to do that ?” I tried to ask nicely, not to hurt her feeling.

“Hmm…. I think let me ask my teacher tomorrow.” She answered, still very optimistic.

The next day, she told me teacher said cannot, must use an A3 drawing paper. I asked her if she wanted to redo. She said it’s ok, she would just keep her drawing. She didn’t sound upset at least.


Mummy is keeping your drawing here. And Mummy is very proud of you for being environmental friendly.

You won my

Today Ying came home sad, telling me that “Teacher said, I cannot memorize my nursery rhyme and my voice is too soft, so I cannot take part in the Nursery Rhyme contest.”

Well, I know Ying well. She always becomes super-the-duple shy on stage, since her Yamaha JMC time. She can perform well, just that during the self introduction part, her voice will turn to as soft as mouse squeak.

“Teacher has chosen another boy and girl for the contest,” Ying continued.

“It’s ok. So next time you must remember to prepare and memorize your nursery rhyme. And also, must speak louder. Mummy has taught you before right ? ”

“But it’s because no one ask me to practise. 姐姐didn’t ask me to practise…”

“No, you should ask yourself to practise. You can ask people to help, but cannot blame other for not asking you to practise. When you show me the nursery rhyme your teacher chose for you, I have reminded you to practise, right?”

Sorry dear, Mummy might sound a bit ‘cold hearted’, but Mummy really don’t wants you to have the habit of blaming others when things went wrong. You must be brave to face your mistake.

And sorry again, these few weeks Mummy was so occupied with the extra tuition and AGM thingy, Mummy also forgot to remind you again.

After lunch, seeing Ling practising her nursery rhyme, Ying also wanted to join. I let her recite together with her sister.

“It’s good also, you practise now so that next year you can try again,” I told her.

“Ya, and if any of your classmates cannot do it, you can tell teacher that you want to try again.” Ling gave her advice.

“Ya, you must be brave enough to tell your teacher, and also, this time, must read out loud in front oo… ” I added.

“And girls, remember, to Mummy, as long as you step out and present your nursery rhyme on stage, you already win. Whether at the end you win a prize or not, it’s not important to Mummy.”

“No no, there is no stage. Just a flat place, where all the students sit on the floor, and we stand in front to read our nursery rhyme.” Ling quickly corrected me.

I smiled 😀 Mummy just hopes you two get my message.

Dinner time, I still had some coding to do, asking the girls to take their dinner first.

Normally I will prepare the food, at a level where I will make sure all dish are there in their bowl.

“Girls, you all take your own dish aa.. dont be choosy and skip the veges aa…”

“Ya, 姐姐 likes to skip the veges,” added Ying.

“Not now. I have turned over a new leaf. Now I take all the food that is served,” replied Ling proudly.

“Oh, then did you say good bye to your old leaf ?” asked Ying with a wide smile.

hahahaha… cheeky Ying.

Starting this week, I bring my girls home, skipping the extra tuition class. Both my husband and my verdict are: Health comes first.

Like today, on the way to our car, we met a few of those heroic parents, the one we elected in the AGM (and voided), and I introduced them to my girls. I told them, “These aunties and uncles fight for your welfare, like making the extra tuition optional. Greet Aunty and Uncle :)”

In the car, Ying said, “以前,we can only see Connie 阿姨 once a week*, now we only miss her once a week**. Mummy, thank you for fixing it. ” then a flying kiss from Ying.

* 3 days extra tuition class plus one day of traditional dancing class, only one day they came home before 2 pm

** without the extra tuition class, only one day stay back at school for the dancing class.


Posted on: March 7, 2013

While playing with her sister, Ying said “Isn’t it nice if Mummy can give birth another 妹妹.”

I almost fell from my chair.

“Why?” I asked.

“When 妹妹 grow up a little, we can play ‘driving bus’ with her.” Ying replied seriously.

Hahaha, just because you want some more ‘passenger’ in your bus… hahaha


Was marking Ying’s Chinese comprehension exercise. Couldn’t help burst into laughter when looking at her answer for question No.3.

It’s a poem, describing how a mother share an umbrella with her daughter (the author) in the rain.


The umbrella is above my head,

The rain drops fall on my mother’s body.


Question 3. The mother used the umbrella to give shelter to the author, but she didn’t take shelter under the umbrella, letting the raindrops fall on her body, this is because the mother _________________.

A. love the author

B. like to get wet under the rain

C. didn’t bring umbrella


And Ying said, the mother likes to get wet under the rain.




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