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Dinner time, I still had some coding to do, asking the girls to take their dinner first.

Normally I will prepare the food, at a level where I will make sure all dish are there in their bowl.

“Girls, you all take your own dish aa.. dont be choosy and skip the veges aa…”

“Ya, 姐姐 likes to skip the veges,” added Ying.

“Not now. I have turned over a new leaf. Now I take all the food that is served,” replied Ling proudly.

“Oh, then did you say good bye to your old leaf ?” asked Ying with a wide smile.

hahahaha… cheeky Ying.

Starting this week, I bring my girls home, skipping the extra tuition class. Both my husband and my verdict are: Health comes first.

Like today, on the way to our car, we met a few of those heroic parents, the one we elected in the AGM (and voided), and I introduced them to my girls. I told them, “These aunties and uncles fight for your welfare, like making the extra tuition optional. Greet Aunty and Uncle :)”

In the car, Ying said, “以前,we can only see Connie 阿姨 once a week*, now we only miss her once a week**. Mummy, thank you for fixing it. ” then a flying kiss from Ying.

* 3 days extra tuition class plus one day of traditional dancing class, only one day they came home before 2 pm

** without the extra tuition class, only one day stay back at school for the dancing class.


Posted on: March 7, 2013

While playing with her sister, Ying said “Isn’t it nice if Mummy can give birth another 妹妹.”

I almost fell from my chair.

“Why?” I asked.

“When 妹妹 grow up a little, we can play ‘driving bus’ with her.” Ying replied seriously.

Hahaha, just because you want some more ‘passenger’ in your bus… hahaha


Was marking Ying’s Chinese comprehension exercise. Couldn’t help burst into laughter when looking at her answer for question No.3.

It’s a poem, describing how a mother share an umbrella with her daughter (the author) in the rain.


The umbrella is above my head,

The rain drops fall on my mother’s body.


Question 3. The mother used the umbrella to give shelter to the author, but she didn’t take shelter under the umbrella, letting the raindrops fall on her body, this is because the mother _________________.

A. love the author

B. like to get wet under the rain

C. didn’t bring umbrella


And Ying said, the mother likes to get wet under the rain.



“Mummy, teacher asked us what is our ambition. I told her I want to be a doctor. And my friend wants to be a nurse.” Ling shared with me one day after school.

Few days back, they talked about what they want to be when they grow up again.

This time, Ying announced happily, “I know what I want to be, I want to be a fashion designer.”

Just to make fun of it, I purposely said, “I thought you want to be a doctor?”

“No, that is 姐姐.” paused… then she continued “I scare I might give the wrong medicine to my patients.”

Hahaha .. as if she has really thought it over very seriously before deciding she is not suitable to be doctor…

Few weeks back, did some minor renovation and Daddy was busy monitoring the workers, I drove the girls to their enrichment class.

Once fastened her seat belt, Ling said, “Mummy, it’s ok. Now you send us and fetch us from our classes. Next time when I grow up, when you are old, I will drive you and Daddy to places you want to go.”

How sweet dear. The best thing in my life is to have both of you 🙂

Ying did something wrong again, and we kind of scolded her.

In an angry tone, she said, “I read your book, parents shouldn’t scold children when they do wrong.”

Oh dear, oh dear, almost didn’t know how to react.

“Oh, what did the book say? What should parents do?” I tried to speak as gentle as possible, I knew she was really upset now.

“You should talk.” she said, with softer tone now.

“Ok, … I will try to correct my mistake. So next time you do the wrong thing again, we will ‘talk to you’ or ‘tell you’ instead of ‘scolding’.  Is that right?” and I continued, “And can you also try not to do those same wrong-doing again and again? We talk but you also need to listen, right?”

She kept quiet.

Out of curiosity, I asked her which book she was referring to. She quickly ran upstair and brought down this.

Then she flipped to this page, reading out loud chapter 16, with Ling standing closely beside:

Hahaha… girls, you two are just wonderful. I smiled and explained to her what the sentences mean, got a mutual agreement on what we should do in future if we are in ‘disagreement’..

Hahaha… now Mummy needs to go through this book again, and make Daddy read it too.

As we had been busy seeking 2nd, 3rd .. opinion from various doctors and specialists, there was one day that we overshot and came back a bit late to send Ling to school. She was sobbing.

I apologized and reassured her that it’s going to be ok, she just need to explain to teacher that Daddy and Mummy went to hospital and came back late,  that caused her to be late, and that we were sorry.

That evening, after came back from school, I asked her if her teacher scolded her for being late. She said no.

“I told teacher because Mummy is not feeling well, and go to hospital, so I am late. Teacher didn’t scold me. Teacher also asked me what is your sickness.” she started.

“What did you tell her?” I asked.

“That your hand pain lo. I show her lo. And teacher said go see 中医. 中医 can help cure also.” then she continued,

“Mummy, did you go and see 中医?”

“Oh, not yet.”

“Faster go and see la, my teacher said 中医 can cure your hand. I wish your hand can get well soon. ” Ling urged.

“Ya lo, Mummy, faster go see 中医.” added Ying who was listening quietly.

hahaha… feel warm seeing you two care about my sickness.

And I like her teachers as from Ling’s feedback all this while, I see close teacher-children bonding, not just come in the classroom, teach and leave.

Thanks to all Ling’s  teachers.

Heard the girls conversation while they were brushing their teeth before going to bed.

“姐,Daddy said he only wants to live for 99 years.”   …

(ok, some background, before bidding goodnight, Ying asked her Dad how long he wanted to live, as she’d decided to live for One Thousand and Two Hundreds years)

“That means, after 99 years, then the next year Daddy will die. And then left only two of us.”

“Ya. Only two of us left in this world then… ” Ling paused,  “.. and may be with our children.” Ling continued.

“But 生孩子很痛。” Ying commented.   [translation: giving birth is very painful.]

“Ya。。。 不要紧啦,让那些勇敢的人生孩子,我不勇敢,我不要生。” Ling came up the idea. [translation: ya, but never mind, let those brave people give birth baby, I am not brave, I don’t want to give birth baby.]

“对啦,我也是不勇敢,让勇敢的人生好了。我也不要生。” Ying agreed. [translation: true, I am also not brave, let the brave people do it. I don’t want to give birth baby either.]

Hahaha, I almost fell down from my bed…



Posted on: June 24, 2012

Last Monday, Ling gave a 周训 (a speech) during the weekly assembly, in front of the headmaster, assistant headmasters, teachers and all Std 1 & 2 students .

We prepared for this since a month ago. Every night, she just read the speech once, and tried to memorize it (and Ying sat beside, memorized them quietly as well). Now, both Ling and Ying can read it out aloud by heart.

Thinking to keep this speech she presented, something they can look at again when they grow up, some fond memory during Ling Std 1…




Thanks to the school and teachers for this great exposure as well.


August 2020

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