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Found another informative video on Lunar and Solar Eclipse


  1. A solar eclipse happens when the ________’s shadow falls somewhere on the surface of ________.
  2. A lunar eclipse happens when the ________’s shadow falls across the ________.
  3. Total eclipses occur with the darkest part of the shadow called ________.
  4. In the lighter part of the shadow, the ________, we get partial eclipses.
  5. Given the moon orbits earth every 29 days or so, why we don’t get eclipses every month?
  6. The sun and the moon appear to be ________ size in our sky.
  7. In actual, the sun is ________ times bigger than the moon.
  8. The sun is ________ times farther away than moon.
  9. The moon has an ________ orbit.
  10. The moon’s orbit is tilted ________ degrees from the earth’s orbit.
  11. There are ________ points where the moon’s orbit crosses the sun’s plane, called nodes.
  12. As the earth moves along its orbit, those points line up with the sun about ________ a year.
  13. If the moon is between the sun and earth at that time, we get  a ________ eclipse. If it’s behind the earth at that time, we get a ________ eclipse.
  14. Because the moon has an ________ orbit, so its size varies about ________ % throughout a month.
  15. At its closest distance (biggest in size in our sky), we can get ________ solar eclipses.
  16. But when it’s farthest away (smallest in size), we get ________ solar eclipse.
  17. The moon is moving away from earth by about ________ inches every year.
  18. A ________ solar eclipse is the only time we can see the sun’s ________ (sun’s outer atmosphere).
  19. The totality of solar eclipse lasts no longer than ________ minutes, where as lunar eclipse can last ________ minutes.
  20. During a total lunar eclipse, the moon often turns ________. If we didn’t have an atmosphere, the moon would go completely dark, but the gas molecules in our air scatter the ________ bluer wavelengths of light, while the ________ , redder wavelengths pass through to the moon.


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