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“You said you pandai only ma ..”

Posted on: May 25, 2016

I like what Maria Cordero said in this interview, especially from minute: 2:20 onwards.

A brief translation:

“You haven’t started to put in effort or contribute, you already want reward. Who tell you you get 5As you will get a job? you can get big money big houses? That is what your mother lie to you one, go and ask from your mother. Getting 5As is your preparation for urself, your own ladder inside. Just like you have a knife, so you mill the blade sharp sharp lo. Then you see where have door then go and chop lo, knock on every doors lo. If still cannot find a job, keep your knife and work at the big M restaurant la, etc. 5As is just experience gained from school, to score 5As from experience gathered from working and living in society, that is very difficult to get. You said you very pandai singing, the one under the flyover bridge, pay as you like, 20 cents or 2 dollars, he play and sing for you, lagi pandai. You said you pandai singing, you say only ma, people think you pandai sing or not?”


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