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Study for what?

Posted on: April 8, 2016

I like this article a lot, from a father, when seeing his son feeling dishearten after failed in exam for the first time, he wrote this.

He is an English lecturer now, and during schooling time, he never passed his English paper. He did a lot of thinking about why we need to study? For the marks? The exams? For our parents? For ourselves? Or to gain knowledge? He said, if he think that studying is just for exam, then he would have dropped English subject long time ago and his life would have been different now. Instead, everyday he gathered courage to go to school, telling himself that mark is not important, exam is not important, what is important is the hope to read more, to learn more and to gain more knowledge. He chose not to  let the marks teacher gave bother him. He started to read English novels, looked up vocabularies in dictionary, memorized the grammar rules, and “I do not read for exam!”

(click to enlarge)


Girls, mommy shared the same hope from this uncle: “孩子,你不是为这个分数念书的!”


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