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About Fear

Posted on: March 18, 2016

Was listening to Ven Ajahn Brahm’s talk about fear, and he shared a story from the famous TV series long time ago “Kung Fu”: 

There was this little boy called little Grasshopper was tasked by his blind Master to walk across a plank, stretches from one side of a pool full with strong concentrated acid to the other, to test his mindfulness and his balance. The little Grasshopper had 7 days to practise in the courtyard, where there is a plank, exactly the same length and width but this time on two bricks laid above the ground. During the practice, little Grasshopper could do it very easily, the plank was not long or narrow. But, when the real test came after 7 days, even though he was very confident outside, when going into the dark room with the pool, the little Grasshopper was very nervous.

“One thing you should know, this is about fear,” said Ajahn Brahm.

When one plank of the same size stretch over a pool of acid, it becomes narrower and much longer, and also it becomes very fearful. The little Grasshopper started to walk. He started to shake with nervous, and that shaking got more and more, the further he’d gone out to the pool of acid, first he started to wobble, then his wobble got more and more, he started to sway. And he started to sway so much .. and he fell in. And when he fell in, the Master starter laughing. It was only a pool of water. He was splashing around as the Master shouted out for him:

“Little Grasshopper, why did you fall in? Fear push you in. Only fear.”

“Fear is the only darkness”

This is the talk by Ven Ajahn Brahm:


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