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Chinese – Comprehension 06 – 捡砖头思维

Posted on: March 9, 2016

This is a story of the founder of a famous college in China. Her father was a carpenter and helped building houses. He used to collect broken bricks from his work and eventually, there was a big pile of bricks at our yard. “I couldn’t understand what those broken bricks were for, until one day, a small shed was built at the yard and my father chased the pigs and goats in; there we were: the first family in the village which had a pen for the animals and a yard for the people.”

And from her father she learnt that: whenever you do something, you must first ask: what is the purpose? Without knowing the purpose or objective, it’s just like collecting those broken bricks blindly without any clue what to do with them. Second question: how long will it take to accomplish? Which is you must know how many bricks to collect to build the shed. And lastly, being patient, because you won’t be able to collect enough bricks in one day.

And in the passage, she also shared how she learnt English after setting very clear goal to become the best English teacher. She started to memorize the English vocab one by one, and during that time, she kept on forgetting what she had learnt. But the image of her father collecting bricks encouraged her to not give up, and finally, she was able to memorize 20 t0 30 thousands English words.

Click to download the pdf: Comprehension006.pdf


We (my daughters and I) read this passage together while preparing for our German exam. It was tough and we were struggling to memorize those German vocab. This passage came just in to to give us a boost.


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