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Posted on: March 2, 2016

Listening to this song sung by 林志炫 with my girls (while I am doing work and they are doing their homework).

Ying asked me to tell her what the song is about.

Here is the story behind it:

The background was set during the Northern and Southern Dynasty 南北朝时期 (Year 420—589). At that time, Northen Wei and Southern Qi were at war for as long as 23 years. And this is a love story set in the war-torn city of Luoyang.

A Southern Qi General was ordered to station at Luoyang city during which he met  a local lady and they fell fast in love. But then, Notrhen Wei invaded the country and the General were ordered off. Before he departed, he held the hands of his lover and said, “Wait until victory, I will come back to marry you…”

Months passed, but the Wei didn’t win the war….

At the gate where they parted, a lady always sat on the stone plate waiting for her lover. She approached those coming back from the frontier, asked if they had seen the General, or any news of victory … but none.

Days after days, years after years, the lady didn’t give up and kept on waiting at the same place … at the end, she shaved her hair and became a Buddhist nun, and kept on waiting at the same place … until her last day …

And here is the lyric of 《烟花易冷》

繁华声 遁入空门 折煞了世人
Away from the hustle and bustle, you took refuge in Buddhism, leaving this mundane world.
梦偏冷 辗转一生 情债又几本
Now our dream is cold. How many debts of love do I owe in my tumultuous life?
如你默认 生死枯等
You endured quietly till your hope withered away,
枯等一圈 又一圈的 年轮
Waiting for me year after year, like a tree adding annual rings.
浮图塔 断了几层 断了谁的魂
The stupa collapsed. Which soul did it shatter?
痛直奔 一盏残灯 倾塌的山门
Pain erupted in agony – A dying lamp, and a collapsed monastery door.
容我再等 历史转身
Let me wait, until time turns back.
等酒香醇 等你弹 一曲古筝
Until the wine ferments with fragrance, until you play a Guzheng tune.

雨纷纷 旧故里草木深
A constant rain drizzled down the dense vegetation in your hometown.
我听闻 你始终一个人
I heard you had been alone since we parted.
斑驳的城门 盘踞着老树根
The mottled city gate was covered with entrenched tree roots.
石板上回荡的是 再等
On the stone plates, there reverberated ‘keep waiting’.

雨纷纷 旧故里草木深
A constant rain drizzled down the dense vegetation in your hometown.
我听闻 你仍守着孤城
I heard you were waiting in the deserted city.
城郊牧笛声 落在那座野村
Which village did the sound of a bamboo flute on the city’s outskirts drift into?
缘份落地生根是 我们
The destiny taking hold belongs to us.

听青春 迎来笑声 羡煞许多人
We listened to peals of laughter celebrating unfailing youth, which attracted the admiring gaze of many.
那史册 温柔不肯 下笔都太狠
Those annals, penned ruthlessly, deny romances.
烟花易冷 人事易分
Fireworks disappear easily, just as separation comes easily.
而你在问 我是否还 认真
When we parted, you asked me, “Are you serious?”
千年后 累世情深 还有谁在等
Our deep affections will last for thousands of years. And you will continue to wait.
而青史 岂能不真 魏书洛阳城
How can the annals of history not be true, like Luoyang City depicted in the Book of Wei?
如你在跟 前世过门
Records will note you married me in a previous life,
跟着红尘 跟随我 浪迹一生
Following me, wandering in this bustling world throughout your life.

伽蓝寺听雨声盼 永恒
In the Samghārama monastery, we listen to the rain, longing for eternity.

And I love the singing by 林志炫, someone even said, from his singing, you can “see” the General  approaching….



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