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Chinese – Comprehension 01 – 相濡以血

Posted on: February 29, 2016

Obtained some Chinese comprehension passages from FB, spent some time reading through those passages. Some are very good…. wait,  correction: most of them are very good. Good in the sense that some the content itself is meaningful, some the language/vocabs used are very beautiful… If you are beside me, you can see how I beam while reading them. Though it comes with some questions (some are quite good also), for me, I just wish my girls have time to read these short passages, and pick up those good values shared, enjoy those beautiful pictures painted by the passage, then I consider their time is well spent (even it might not help them in scoring A 😛 )

Let me share some of them here.

This one talks about the vampire bat. The author makes a good point of how we human beings should learn from the vampire bat.


Vampire bats feed on animal blood. And if one of their fellow bats couldn’t find blood, well-fed bats will often regurgitate 反刍 blood to share with it, with one condition: this poor bat has helped others previously.  This is also one of the reason why these vampire bats can survive for 14 years (and many to come) in this lonely island where their source of food is scarce.

Click to download the PDF: Comprehension001.pdf

You can also read up more about Vampire Bats from National Geography for Kids website.


蝙蝠 bīan fú

嗜 shì – 特别爱好

鲜血 xīan xuè

奄奄 yǎn yǎn – 气息微弱

反刍 fǎn chú – 把粗粗咀嚼后咽下去的事物再返回到嘴里细细咀嚼

狰狞 zhēng níng

援助 yuán zhù

相濡以沫 xīang rú yǐ mò – 同处困境,相互救助

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