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《秋蝉》”Autumn Cicada”

Posted on: January 20, 2016

When going through the Kata Ganda slides with the girls, came across a slide about cicada, which is called “riang-riang” in BM. It reminded me of this famous Chinese song “Autumn Cicada”. One of the songs performed by the choir I joined during primary school time.

The lyric is just so beautiful:

听我把春水叫寒       listen to me singing the spring creek to cold
看我把绿野催黄       watch me turn the green foliage to yellow
谁道秋霞一心愁       who said the autumn makes one sorrow
烟波林野意悠悠       in the misty woods the atmosphere is still lively
花落红花落红           flowers wither red
红了枫红了枫           redden the maple leaves
展翅任翔双羽燕       swallows spread their wings and fly off
我这薄衣过得残冬   I am to stay in winter with my filmy clothes
总归是秋天               it’s autumn after all
总归是秋天               it’s autumn after all
春走了                       spring has left
夏也去秋意浓          summer is also gone, and the autumn air thicken
秋去冬来美景不再 when come winter after autumn, beautiful scene no more
莫教好春逝匆匆     cherish the spring and don’t let it rushing by and gone
莫教好春逝匆匆     cherish the spring and don’t let it rushing by and gone

Also, I took out this book  by the famous French entomologist, Jean-Henri Casimir Fabre 《昆虫记》(Yes, they learn about this author in Primary 4 Chinese)


and show the chapter about cicada to my girls. Here is the first page of the chapter:


If your child likes insects, this is a good book to read.



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