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BM – Teknik Menjawab Ulasan UPSR

Posted on: January 18, 2016

Another good sharing I get from FB:

It is about some guideline in answering BM Paper 2 Bahagian B (Ulasan), using a sample question as shown below:


  1. Read the instruction of the question carefully.
  2. What is depicted in the picture? – A food pyramid poster.
  3. Instruction: write in a paragraph. DO NOT use points form, nor numbered as 1, 2, 3 like making sentences. WRITE IN ONE PARAGRAPH!
  4. There are two types of contents expected in the paragraph:
    • Explicitly stated information from the picture.
    • Content implicitly suggested from the picture, related ideas which the student needs to come out (HOTS). A must!
  5. If student answers with explicit contents only, maximum can only score 8 marks.
  6. Accept any implicit content from student. Even if only one implicit content provided, can score full mark 15 marksimportantnote
  7. Write ONLY 80 words. Do not write more than that. Whatever written after the 80th words won’t be marked.


Explicit contents:

Kita perlu mengamalkan amalan makan secara sihat.

Makanan yang paling banyak perlu kita ambil ialah bijirin dan ubi.

Kita perlu makan banyak sayur  dan buah.

Kita perlu makan secara sederhana susu, dadih dan keju.

Makanan paling sedikit yang perlu kita ambil ialah lemak, minyak, garam dan gula.

Implicit contents:

Amalan makan secara sihat amatlah penting untuk menghindarkan penyakit berbahaya seperti penyakit jantung, diabetes dan obesiti.

Ibu bapa perlu mendidik anak-anak sejak kecil agar mengamalkan makanan secara sihat supaya sihat sepanjang hayat.


2 Responses to "BM – Teknik Menjawab Ulasan UPSR"

I would like to clarify if the ulasan is to be written in 1 paragraph or 3 paragraphs? My daughter’s school taught that it has to be in 3 paragraphs. Thank you.

Follow what school teacher teaches. They have the latest instruction from MOE.

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