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True Spy Stories

Posted on: January 14, 2016

“True Spy Stories” is an exciting book by Paul Dowswell & Fergus Fleming which tells you all about the life of spies, who usually leads a shadowy double life, risking anything from life imprisonment to torture and execution just for a chance to change history.

9780794500887This book will lead you into the lives of spies like the beautiful Mata Hari whose real name was Margaretha Zelle, and also Oleg Penkovsky working for the Soviet Union.


In the book, it mentioned that “Spying is a lonely game, and one which requires immense courage and patience.” The stories of spies in this book are every bit as glamorous as famous fictional agents such as James Bond. As you flip through the pages of this interesting book, look out for the maps included to help you to understand the story better.


My favorite character in the book is Konon Trofimovich Molody, also known as Gordon Arnold Lonsdale, who was a Soviet spy. Althoug he was very careful when sending important messages to the Soviet Union, he was still caught and died at the age of 48, in October 1970. He died of a fatal heart attack while he was gardening at his Moscow apartment.



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