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Interesting History Books – 《世界上最探奇的历史书》

Posted on: January 14, 2016

Bought this book 《世界上最探奇的历史书》 during the last Chinese Books Fest. Was looking for historical story book that is not boring, and as if my wish is heard, just bumped into this book in one of the store.


It did not just talk about some funny Chinese history stories, like the emperor who died falling into a cesspit 粪坑, but also interesting historical stories from around the world. For example, Joan of Arc, the France version of Mulan; King Charles I, the English king who was beheaded; Spanish flu and the ending of World War I (when reading this, my girls and I got hit by the same idea: God sent it down to end the war? cause it seemed like the flu just vanished after the war ended.)

And for the fan of “Romance of the Three Kingdom”, there is one part the author talked about Liu Bei’s son, Liu Chan, and she asked a good question: is Liu Chan really a 扶不起的阿斗? And she provided quite a good analysis. After reading, there is a different perspective to look at Zhu Ge Liang. Was he really a authoritarian after the death of Liu Bei? mm…

IMG_20160114_0002 IMG_20160114_0003 IMG_20160114_0004

p.s. Yes, I know. You can find a lot of funny historical stories COMICS books. That is the thing, “Comics”, … mm … it’s still lack the … mm.. don’t know how to say, when compare to reading a real book with proper sentences and words.


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