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Things I learn from my German class

Posted on: December 30, 2015


On the first day, after introduction session, our teacher started with “Bitte”(please) and “Danke”(thank you). “These are the most important words you must learn and use if you are in Germany.”  said my teacher.

“Now, let say you want to ask for time and you said, ‘What is the time now?’ Then the German will just look at their watch, say ‘Yes’ and just leave. Why? because you didn’t say ‘PLEASE’.” emphasized he.

“We German are not friendly, but we are POLITE and KIND,” concluded he.


“If your working hour starts at 7am, and you reach the office at 7am, you are not late, right? NO! In German, it means at 7am sharp, you are sitting at your place start working already.”

“Let say you are supposed to do a presentation and the time given is from 7pm to 7:10pm, 10 minutes. The audience will be sitting there at 6:59pm and expected you to start at 7pm sharp. And they will leave at 7:10pm regardless of you have finished or not.” he continued, “And let say you manage to complete in 10 minutes as scheduled, but there are questions raised after your presentation, then that is no good also. This means your presentation is not good, didn’t cover everything you supposed to, and people still need to ask question to find out more. Your mark will be deducted.”

“We German are very efficient people, EFFICIENT and PUNCTUAL, ” concluded he.


In the class, when the teacher teach, especially when sharing things which are not written in the textbook or on the board, he will scold  anyone who didn’t make a note or write down his teaching. He will stop and question the student, “So will you be able to remember what I’ve just taught next week? No? Then why you don’t want to jot it down?” asked he in angry tone.

Oh ya, the thumb rule for the class: must come early before the class starts to jot down all the notes on the board.

I think this is a good and important learning skill – TAKING NOTE.




2 Responses to "Things I learn from my German class"

Thanks so much Serene for sharing this. The Germans definitely are very inspiring people. Are you having your German lessons at the Goethe Institute? I have yet to check out the place..planning to go to Germany for my fellowship sometime next year. For now I’ve been trying to get my hubs and kids to follow the Germans’ way of recycling trash..really struggling!

I go to ICLS. Cool! (for the fellowship) hahaha..(for the recycling thingy)

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