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Posted on: October 16, 2015

Was digging out this song 《曹操》 (“CaoCao”) by JJ Lin to share with a parent, who are introducing the book “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” 《三国演义》 to her sons.  This book is one of the Four Greatest Classical Novel in Chinese literature.

It is a historical novel set in the turbulent years towards the end of the Han dynasty and the Three Kingdoms period in Chinese history. The story – part historical, part legend, and part mythical – romanticises and dramatises the lives of feudal lords and their retainers, who tried to replace the dwindling Han dynasty or restore it.

The Three Kingdoms in this story are referring to the state of Cao Wei 曹魏 led by Cao Cao 曹操  ,the state of Eastern Wu 东吴 led by Sun Quan 孙权 and the state of Shu Han 蜀汉 led by Liu Bei 刘备.


And this song is about the warload Cao Cao who rose to great power, about his great ambition to take over the whole China. Another song suitable for learning Chinese.


After listening to the song, Ling asked, “Why did Cao Cao want the Jing province 荆州 ?”

Here is the story.

The Jing province 荆州 belonged to Liu Biao 刘表. He was sick and on his dying bed, he wanted to ‘lend’ the Jing province to Liu Bei 刘备, but Liu Bei rejected. However Liu Bei promised him that he would help his son Liu Qi 刘琦。 But .. yes, but when Liu Biao passed away, his minister Cai Mao 蔡瑁 destroyed Liu Biao’s will and made Liu Cong 刘琮 king instead. Why? Ah ha.. Liu Cong’s mother was Cai Mao’s sister. So, ‘ka ki nang’ (自己人). And this Liu Cong 笨笨的,he surrendered to Cao Cao (That time Cao Cao was quite strong, he had already conquered the northern and central part of China). No choice, Liu Bei had to freed the Jing province, but alas, they met Cao Cao’s army at Chang Ban Po 长坂坡。。。

Also, by taking down the Jing province , it would make the conquer of the southern part easier for Cao Cao.

Lastly, special thanks to Ying for coming out with the lyrics and the translation: 曹操lyrics.pdf


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