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Good site for Children to learn about World War 2

Posted on: October 15, 2015

Before they went to bed that night (the night we talked about “The Book Thief” and history), Ling said, “Mummy, can you find more stories about World War 2 for us?”

Googling around, I bumped in this BBC site(, which introduce history for kids. One of the topic is “Children of World War 2“. Very impressive. Gonna share this site with my girls after their school exam.


(Note: The sequence to read is ‘left-right-left-right-…’. E.g. Start with ‘World at war’, then ‘Children at war’.)

This site is very resourceful. On top, there is a timeline, and you can click on the yellow diamond to learn what major things happened at the time. Let’s click on the first link: World at War, you will be presented the below page:


There is a main section where you can read up the history . On the right hand side, there are some photos, videos and sound clips. However, I am not able to play the videos nor sound clips. And I like the “Fun Facts” section a lot. Lastly, the “Activities” section provides some fun activities for the topic discussed.

Actually this site has other history topics as well. Just navigate and you will find it.


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