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English Enrichment Class

Posted on: October 12, 2015

It’s Teacher-Parent Meeting session again. Just would like to share some thoughts.

Teachers shared their works and how my girls were doing in class. In this 2 and a half hours class, the activities are quite packed. Normally they have group reading on some stories or articles, then some discussion, sometimes some grammar teaching or games tapping, along with the topics they read that week, followed by more serious individual writing work. The last half an hour teachers will go through with them the mistakes they make, also a quick chat on the book they bring back to read every week.

For example, one of the weekend, they read article about Titanic and watched a video clip about it. Then some group discussion. [one thing good about the class is that it’s small in size, around 10 students. So, it’s easy for teacher to manage and make sure everyone speaks out and participate in the discussion. I am glad the feedback that both Ying and Ling are quite outspoken/active in all the discussions/activities. It takes time for Ying as she used to be shy in class. ] After that they did a picture-writing about Titanic. Teacher introduced words like ‘majestically’, ‘euphoric’, ‘magnificent’ and encouraged them to use such words to make their writing more expressive. [ya, that is what I want. Once they can write, the next thing is to learn how to construct better sentences]

titanic1 titanic2

Another example. Another topic of the week is volcano. Instead of doing the group reading first, they did this word search exercise, looking up the meaning of these volcanic words which are not frequently used. Then only they did the reading for that day.


And this is another interesting writing exercise I like. They read a story about an old lady who was always complaining about how small her house was, until she met a wise old man who taught her a lesson to appreciate and cherish what she had. And they were asked to write a diary assuming they were this old lady. I love this piece of work by Ying.

diary1 diary2

Now, do you believe that by spending them to a 2-and-a-half-hours-per-week-English-enrichment-class will boost their English to superb level? No. The rest of the days in the week, we still need to do some work on it, be it reading books, watching English shows, learning new vocabs, doing some Grammar exercises [imagine, in the  class teacher taught about past tense. Yes, they understand when to use it; yes, they learn that most past tense ended with -ed, with a couple exception of irregular one. Now, do you think that is it, they will master the language after that class? They will know when to use it, know all the irregular verbs and make no mistake about it and score with flying colors in English exam?]



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Hi, would you share with me, which center that your girls are going for English Enrichment Class?
Trying to look for my boy.

Mum of 2

Lorna Whiston.


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