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New UPSR Format for Chinese

Posted on: September 30, 2015


Sample for 华文理解甲组

This is the first time I look at UPSR Chinese paper. This section starts with 4 questions on grammar or vocabs, followed by 2 long comprehension passages with 8 questions each. Proverb/idioms, synonym/antonym and pronunciation are tested in the comprehension questions as well. Now, I must say, it’s a surprise to know that Chinese rhetoric 修辞手法 is being tested too. Wow… I didn’t know they learn so much for Chinese language 🙂


Sample for 华文理解乙组

This section is mostly subjective, with another long comprehension passage (around 1000 words) at the end.

mm… The paper asks about the meaning of certain characters in the poem. So when learning poem, knowing how to recite by heart is not enough.


I guess in general for 华文理解 paper, good knowledge in vocabs is important. These will be tested: characters that have similar sounds but different meaning 错别字; or characters that look almost the same but different meaning 形似字; and even same character carries different meaning in different context, or even pronunciation changed when put in different context 多音多义字.

Sample for 华文书写

The arrangement is similar to BM, 甲组 is transfer of information to a passage. 乙组 is something like BM ulasan, write commentary of situation depicted by a picture.  丙组 write one essay out of two options given. mm… in the sample, both options are of narrative / story type 叙述文。


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