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梁旅珠教养书 (10) – learn to handle problem and overcome difficulty

Posted on: January 30, 2014

I like what Madam Liang shared below in her book llz0001.

It really depends on how we parents view the school work, the study and education.


“Don’t use exam result to determine how many extra exercise books our children need, or which tuition to take, BUT use the result to examine our children’s studying attitude, capability and the return of their efforts. For example, always fail in Math; we have to figure out whether it’s because they didn’t work hard enough, or even though working very hard, still no improvement; then we have to find solution for it.

Treat it as an experience of failure, as difficulty which is hard to overcome;  then start find ways to handle and conquer it; this is the practice/training I am looking for.

What make me worried more, is not the children didn’t do well in exam, but not being self-demanding and don’t have problem solving skill.”


3 Responses to "梁旅珠教养书 (10) – learn to handle problem and overcome difficulty"

Hi, wish you have a good day today. I’ve been follow your blog for some times, love all your post. Trying to get this book from Popular but unfortunately couldn’t find it anymore. Wondering have you seen this book at other bookstore or where else I can get it? Much appreciate 🙂 Thanks.

I got it from Summit Popular, have you tried there? I will help to check those online bookshop I frequent and see.

I see, I seldom go Summit. No hurry, if you have any info to get this book please share with me, thanks a lot!

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