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梁旅珠教养书 (9) – self-demanding

Posted on: January 29, 2014

This is another good one from  Madam Liang’s  llz0001: “encourage children to go for ‘their best performance'”.


Madam Liang clarified that this is not to say ‘to go after No. 1’, nor ‘go after the scores or ranking’, which both also wrongly amplify the importance of exam result.

We as a parent, must be clear that there is a limit for our children’s capability, therefore, we should encourage them to go after their best performance, within their limit.

Racing with oneself” – this idea should be taught since young; let the child know that the exam result is for one own assessment, NOT to go after the ranking. Yes, ranking can help us to gauge where we stand among our peers, BUT, as long as it is matching with where we should be based on our own performance, that is good; and exceeding that will be a bonus.

What I taught my children, cannot use you don’t like to study as an excuse not to try, but after you have tried your best and still not good in it, that is acceptable, and must take it and deal with it with open heart.

I hope this attitude/thinking will carry on until they are working in future, because no adult can always choose to do just what they like to do.


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