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梁旅珠教养书 (4) – role model

Posted on: January 21, 2014

In this chapter “‘O-Shin’, my last drama” in her book llz0001, Madam Liang shared about teaching her children by giving them a good role model,

‘O-Shin’ was a famous Japanese drama during the 90s,oshin

and at that time, Madam Liang’s children were just 1 and 2 years old. After finished chasing/watching this drama series, she had decided that no more drama for herself.

Here is what she shared:


“When young, children learn by observing and imitating what others do, and from there, they build up their own character and personality. Therefore, who are their role model is very important. As a mother, being cautious about what we do and say, and being careful when selecting the activities we do, are ways to help us become a good role model.

I wish my children know that, whatever I ask them to do, it is doable and I can do it also.”


“I was asked frequently, ‘How do you do it? How do you teach your children to be so into reading?’

Even until now, in the bag I carry along whenever I go out, there is always a book inside, or some materials related to my writing, so that I can read it whenever I have free slot.

I think, a lot of things doesn’t need to be ‘taught’, children see it in their eyes, and naturally becomes a habit. This kind of influence, is more direct and powerful than teaching by speech.”


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