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梁旅珠教养书 (3) – cultivate good habits starting from young

Posted on: January 17, 2014

Another good point I like from this book from this bookllz0001 : cultivate good habits starting from young.


When the children are still very small, before they have any bad habits, it’s easy for the adults to teach them to listen to them and follow the rules. This will get harder when the children grow older. Therefore, I was more strict when my children were younger. I tried to set rules for them when they were still very young, and let them learn how to play by the rules. Though it might seems like too strict or too many rules, but when both parties (parents and children) have a fixed set of rules to abide by, the interaction between both parties in life will become easy and hassle free.


When our children are young, we instil in them habits and values/perception of life. A lot of parents don’t agree with authoritarian in parenting, and believe that we should respect the children. But based on my observation, over ‘respect’ a young child who is not even mature both physically and mentally, when they grow up and in a situation where we need to interfere, most of the time, it might incur a lot of confrontation and is going to be very hard to step in.

Individual characteristic and living habits are two different things. We need to observe a child’s unique character and help him to grow in different way. But regardless of the character a child has, every children needs to have good living habits and the right attitude towards life. These good habits and right attitude must be cultivated since young by the parents, making use of a parent’s authority.

When the children has good habits and attitude, we won’t become a nagging parent, and we can slowly let go as the children getting older. Thus, we can become someone ‘cute’ in their heart. This philosophy of “eating sugar cane starting from the end”  is the method I used raising up my children in the past 18 years.

To conclude:


When the children are still small, help to instil the right habits in them;  they will ‘magnify’ these good habits, and their future will be unmeasurable !


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