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梁旅珠教养书 (1) – Must read before starting primary school

Posted on: January 16, 2014

This is a book <梁旅珠教养书>, I accidentally bumped into when having a walk in Summit, where there was a Popular sales. Got it at 70%. Very grateful for having the luck to spot this book till now.


This book is a sharing by a Taiwan mother, whose daughter managed to get offer from 7 of the world top notch universities in US – Stanford University, Yale University, Harvard College, Princeton University, MIT, Columbia University and University of Pennsylvania.

A lot of time, she was ‘nagged’ by her families and friends to share how she managed to teach and raise up such an excellent child. And I like what she wrote in the Intro of the book:

“Actually I did hesitate to write this book, reason being I believe raising up a child is something quite personal; different environment, different condition, and the uniqueness of a child, … my way might work for me, and might not work for others.”

“Raising up a child, everyone also starts without experience for the first time. Even when you have second child, third child.., whatever you’ve learnt previously might not be suitable and fit exactly.Therefore the whole process of parenting is ongoing learning, observing, adjusting and correction along the way.”


I normally will fold the corner of the page when I read something good, interesting or informative. And this is one of the books which has the most folded pages in my bookshelf. (there are a few more and one is ‘How the Jews teach’, may be will share when free later)

As my sisters’ children are starting their primary school this year, and I knew they might not have as much free time as me to read so many books, my new year resolution this year, is to share about this book – those useful advice I found in it, and hopefully it helps :).


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