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My nephew

Posted on: August 2, 2013

A post from my sister’s facebook:

Just now as I shower my son, I didn’t noticed a small insect on the wall and the shower ran down on the insect.

My son told me :”mama, you killed the insect. He is injurred ! “,
I said,”I m sorry I didn’t notice it on the wall.”
Trying to safe the insect, but too late :”Oh dear, I think the water too hot, he died oredi…”
Son :” So how?”
(I also dunno how lah actually.. ..)
I just said,” well… say Amitofo to him lah!”
I didn’t expect my son would spontaniously put his hands together & bowed 3 times with respect and say Amitofo to this small little insect.

His action kind of stunned me for a moment…. and I thought somehow we were all born with compassionate heart. 人之初,性本善

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