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The Physics teacher, The Teacher

Posted on: July 27, 2013

Walter Lewin has been a professor at MIT for more than 40 years. His physics lessons have been seen by millions of people.

Watch this video :

And he said:

“If you know only the name, you know nothing. What is important in life, is the students experience important milestones in Physics. Even though later they may not remember the details any more. Who can remember 10,000 physics equations? I can’t. Their lives will never be the same. And then I’ll say, ‘All of you have now lost your virginity.'”

“They’d had bad teachers, so they carried on the bad teaching. And this is just goes on from father to son and from son to so on… They are criminal. Cause they missed golden opportunity, and make it dull and boring, and so people begin to hate Physics, and that stays reason for the rest of their lives. And they even made a mistake to say that Physics is difficult. And that is absolutely not true.”

We have the obligation, to explain it to the men on the street, in a way that they can still sort of get an ideal. So you have to find analogies, to make them see, the importance of certain discovery.

He is The Teacher.

p.s. And I like the demonstration he did on the conservation of energy. He is definitely humourous, and cute 🙂


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