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New hope for Cancer – Next Generation PDT

Posted on: April 26, 2013

Yesterday, managed to squeeze some time out to attend the SouthEast Asian HealthCare and Pharma Show at KLCC Convention Center. (It is from 24-Apr till 26 Apr 10am – 5pm).

And we couldn’t feel more lucky to be able to attend a talk by the Director of Operations of Next Generation PhotoDynamic Therapy (NGPDT) center in Guang Zhou, China, Scott Waters.

I mentioned about this cancer therapy in one of my post earlier. Yesterday, we finally got a chance to learn in more detail, what this therapy is about, and how it claims to be NON INVASIVE, NO PAIN, NO TOXIC treatment.

And how amazing to know that it all comes from the concept of photosynthesis in plant that we learn in school. In plant, the chlorophyll being supplied with sunlight, will generate food  and throw out Oxygen as waste. And those brilliant scientists figured out a way to use this similar process on cancer cell, as we all know cancer cell don’t like oxygen.

Their therapy is something like this: The patient will drink an agent, which is some sort of non toxic chlorophyll drink. And the best thing is this agent will only be picked up by the cancer cell, leaving all healthy cell in-tact, not like chemotherapy. Then wait for 24 hours, before the light is put in, via some sort of laser beam. And then,….. guess what, the cancer cell/tumour will undergo necrosis and apoptosis. Yes, the cancer cell is dying or death.

I did some google and manage to find two youtube videos by Scott Waters, giving an introduction about this technology in Malaysia Medical Expo 2009. Do spend some time watching it. It’s worth it.

In fact, on 28th March 2011, they have presented this Next Generation PDT to the Minister of Health of Malaysia, including YB Dato Sri Liow Tiong Lai and a team of experts.( But the sad thing is, the machine is still sitting there unattended in HUKM Malaysia, until now, April year 2013. Sigh…

And here is the website for Next Generation PDT:

Please share with any friends who are in need of this information.


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