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After waking up from their nap, I made a glass of cactus juice for  my girls, explaining to them that this juice is good to boost their ‘immune system’. Then Ling started to ask about what is ‘immune system’, and this excited Mummy started to tell story about the fighters in our body that help fight the bacteria, to make us stay healthy…bla .. bla.. bla..

Then Ying asked, ‘Mummy, how did they get the juice out of the cactus? Won’t they get hurt?’

“No, dear. They have a way, may be use some machine. When you grow up, you can learn more.’ Ai ya, another not so easy question from them.

“Ya, I wish when I grow up, I can go to Science tuition. I got so many thing to learn about, like inside of our body,” Ying added.

Ya, I am grateful that my girls are back like normal again, curious about things surrounding them again. No more zombie..

p.s. Before that, Ying came to me, bringing a magazine with a cartoon snail on the cover, asking me, whether it’s the tentacle of a snail or the eyes of snail. She is confused. She told me her teacher pointed to the tentacle and said it’s ‘触角’, but to her, there are eyes on it, and should be consider ‘eyes’.

So we sat down together and did some google search, and read our findings together.

Snails have one or two pairs of tentacles, depending on the species. The eyes may be at the base or on the tips of one pair of tentacles; a few species have no eyes.

 A land snail has two pairs of tentacles that stick out from its head. On the tip of the two longer tentacles are its eyes. A land snail can move its tentacles up and down and from side to side to help it get the best view. But a sea snail’s eyes are located at the base of its tentacles. And they always stay in one place.



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