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Nursery Rhyme Contest

Posted on: April 23, 2013

Today Ying came home sad, telling me that “Teacher said, I cannot memorize my nursery rhyme and my voice is too soft, so I cannot take part in the Nursery Rhyme contest.”

Well, I know Ying well. She always becomes super-the-duple shy on stage, since her Yamaha JMC time. She can perform well, just that during the self introduction part, her voice will turn to as soft as mouse squeak.

“Teacher has chosen another boy and girl for the contest,” Ying continued.

“It’s ok. So next time you must remember to prepare and memorize your nursery rhyme. And also, must speak louder. Mummy has taught you before right ? ”

“But it’s because no one ask me to practise. 姐姐didn’t ask me to practise…”

“No, you should ask yourself to practise. You can ask people to help, but cannot blame other for not asking you to practise. When you show me the nursery rhyme your teacher chose for you, I have reminded you to practise, right?”

Sorry dear, Mummy might sound a bit ‘cold hearted’, but Mummy really don’t wants you to have the habit of blaming others when things went wrong. You must be brave to face your mistake.

And sorry again, these few weeks Mummy was so occupied with the extra tuition and AGM thingy, Mummy also forgot to remind you again.

After lunch, seeing Ling practising her nursery rhyme, Ying also wanted to join. I let her recite together with her sister.

“It’s good also, you practise now so that next year you can try again,” I told her.

“Ya, and if any of your classmates cannot do it, you can tell teacher that you want to try again.” Ling gave her advice.

“Ya, you must be brave enough to tell your teacher, and also, this time, must read out loud in front oo… ” I added.

“And girls, remember, to Mummy, as long as you step out and present your nursery rhyme on stage, you already win. Whether at the end you win a prize or not, it’s not important to Mummy.”

“No no, there is no stage. Just a flat place, where all the students sit on the floor, and we stand in front to read our nursery rhyme.” Ling quickly corrected me.

I smiled 😀 Mummy just hopes you two get my message.


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