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Starting this week, I bring my girls home, skipping the extra tuition class. Both my husband and my verdict are: Health comes first.

Like today, on the way to our car, we met a few of those heroic parents, the one we elected in the AGM (and voided), and I introduced them to my girls. I told them, “These aunties and uncles fight for your welfare, like making the extra tuition optional. Greet Aunty and Uncle :)”

In the car, Ying said, “以前,we can only see Connie 阿姨 once a week*, now we only miss her once a week**. Mummy, thank you for fixing it. ” then a flying kiss from Ying.

* 3 days extra tuition class plus one day of traditional dancing class, only one day they came home before 2 pm

** without the extra tuition class, only one day stay back at school for the dancing class.


Last Sunday, was the most horrible day for me, as I witnessed the ugliest of mankind, in my girls’ school PIBG AGM. The AGM started from 10am and ended up in disaster around 5pm+, with an announcement the AGM was void. All the rightfully elected parents committee members were voided as well. Reason being teachers cannot accept the committee members elected by the parents.

I have never been so confused, and later shocked to discover that in a SJK(C), if a parent needs to become the AJK of PIBG, the ‘proper’ way is to go and check it out with the current PIBG AJK/Chairman, to get his ‘invitation’ to slot you in during the AGM. AGM is just a show. The election of new committees members is just a show to get the PIBG legitimated.

I was ‘drained out’ after that AGM, really. Worse than coming out from operation.

Now I really don’t know  what to do. And I respect those parents who dare to step out and compete in the election even more, after seeing their competitors.


If you want to know more of what happened on 14-Apr, check out this forum:


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