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Now I got to feel it…

Posted on: November 30, 2012

After going through the total thyroidectomy, and while waiting for the coming radio iodine therapy, I was not given thyroxine until after the therapy.

My voice seems getting better, still hoarse, but more easily be heard.

I know my metabolism rate are low now, so must pace down on my daily activities. Like I used to do some exercise and ride bike in the morning before the surgery. Now, after half round of the exercise, feel very tired already. Also feel cold easily. Can’t stand drinking room-temperature water. Feel like drinking ice especially in rainy days. Now prefer luke warm water.

The most uncomfortable effect being no thyroid and no thyroxine intake, is my digestive system. I do feel hungry, but cannot take in as much as what I usually take. Feel like all the food are stuck in my stomach. And also losing appetite. Feel nausea when smell some of the food I used to take, even my favorite dish. The most obvious one is steam fish. So now, meal time is kind of a bit torturing for me.

Then I started to recall when my mom and brother underwent their surgery, they were also complaining about ‘stomach feel weird-weird’, no appetite, and ‘the fish stink’. Now I got the feel of it, feel so guilty for being upset last time when they declined to eat all those healthy food we prepared.

Confessed to my mom that now I know the feeling and really sorry for being not understanding, for accusing them  being too chosey of the food.

So now, try to take smaller portion, take liquid food in between, .. and rest more.

** Girls, I am sharing this, cause I have a weird thought. I suspect, whenever someone’s metabolism rate is low (cause by disease, old age or surgery etc), may be they will experience the same thing as me . So try to be understanding if you encounter one.  It’s just part of the healing process. Mummy was so stressed up last time seeing them don’t eat much, and Mummy couldn’t cook.  Guess making Grandma and Uncle stressed up also. Now I can comprehend.


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