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Posted on: November 29, 2012


Mummy wants to share this with you two, from 星云大师.

Especially these two:

“Be grateful and cherish what we already have is 幸福安乐.”

It bothers Mommy whenever you two are asking for things your friends have, regardless of whether you need them or not, or you already have or not. Mommy really wants to teach you two not to be vain, not to be just an empty and materialized girls.

Just like did you see Mommy, every time go shopping, buying all those beautiful clothes from all the boutiques we walk pass ? They are so pretty, gorgeous, isn’t it ?

Why? Cause Mommy has enough  clothes to wear in my closet already. 要知足!

A Christian friend shared with Mommy this: Phil 4:12 Be thankful with much or little, not just financial but health, strength etc.

“Know when to let go is 幸福安乐.”

Sometimes, things just didn’t go your way, you just didn’t get what you want, which you have worked very hard on. Then you must let it go and move on. 不要执著。mm.. especially in a relationship. If you love/like/have a crush on someone, but he doesn’t love you or doesn’t share the same feeling towards you, it’s ok, it’s perfectly normal. Just let go and move on. He is just not fit. The most important thing is you must love yourself and you deserved to be loved.


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