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“Invest in Teachers”

Posted on: August 9, 2012

I got attracted to this article “Invest in Teachers”

by this quote: A teacher is someone who gives you something to take home to think about besides homework – Lily Tomlin

Very nice piece of article. One of the things it mentioned which I couldn’t agree more:

According to an article written in 2009, Invest in teachers to raise achievement, “Children in classes taught by the best teachers learn four times faster than those in classes taught by the poorest ones.”  Professor Dylan William of the Institute of Education, London says “Children in the most effective classrooms will learn in six months what students in an average classroom learn in a year, and students in the least effective classrooms will take two years to learn it.” 

I doubt how many from those in the Ministry of Education department read this and understand this. Instead of pushing the schooling age to start from 5 years old, one of the most urgent task to me is: train good teacher.

And the article also do a detail analysis on teacher’s development in two top high-achieving countries, Finland and China.

One of the thing that caught my attention is this:

Freedom: Regardless of what school you go to in Finland, you’ll be offered the same equal academic opportunities. This consistency is a result of strong curriculum and good teachers that believe education is a human right and should be given equally to all students.

Shame to say, here, policies and all sort of tactics are used to make certain type of schools fail, like don’t provide enough infrastructure, over-crowded classroom, and worst of all, don’t provide enough teachers based on students size.

One of the newspaper cutting I kept (very heartbreaking when reading it) : Chinese schools there are shortage of classroom/schools, and shortage of 1874 teachers; whereas for there are excessive classrooms by 3802, and an excess of teachers by 58409 for the national schools !!!

Is it just poor management (very very poor indeed) or some “mean” tactics used to oppress the other non-mainstream schools. So obvious isn’t it? Sigh…


Some other quotes I like from the article:

“If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.” – Ignacio Estrada

“The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery.” – Mark Van


2 Responses to "“Invest in Teachers”"

Yes there are excess classroom n teachers in national schools but you are comparing to Chinese schools which needs Chinese speaking teachers. If you are non bias at least investigate how many of these excess teachers can speak Chinese. Do you want Malaysian or Tamil speaking teachers who can’t speak a word of Chinese in Chinese school. Please be mature when you analyze a data.

Hi, I don’t know how you come to conclusion that I ‘want Malaysian or Tamil speaking teachers who can’t speak a word of Chinese in Chinese school.’.

My point is a good management without any bias from Education Ministry should be able to plan and supply the correct number of correct teachers to Chinese schools.
Look at the figure, another interpretation of these figures show we are spending our tax payer money to support those 50k teachers that is not needed, but government don’t want to fund for the 1.8k teachers we need. (Now I guess I have to clarify in case you misunderstand again. I didn’t say put those excess teachers to Chinese schools, which I heard they are trying to do now. I am saying why I need to pay for those 50k teachers we dont need. And government dont have excuse that they dont have money to train up 1.8k Chinese teachers since they can overspend for 50k National school teachers which is definitely a waste of money and bad management).

That is why I support this statement: Regardless of what school you go to in Finland, you’ll be offered the same equal academic opportunities.
Meaning whether it’s Chinese or National school, they should be treated equally and supplied with sufficient resources needed by the schools, be it classrooms or teachers (definitely a Chinese speaking teachers to teach in Chinese school, Tamil speaking teacher to teach in Tamil school).

Next time please read carefully before jumping into something, else not a good nor mature analyzer.

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