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Da Vinci Vs GlobalArt

Posted on: July 6, 2012

Did some survey on two of the famous Art Classes here: Da Vinci and GlobalArt. Talked to a few teachers and owners from these art classes.

Here is the summary I get.

Both schools have their own organized, well-planned, leveled syllabus where the students need to follow and advance accordingly.

Da Vinci is more on promoting creativity and provide the space/freedom for children to draw and coloring. So, from the beginning students are allowed to draw on a blank paper. Coloring wise, on top of crayon, students are exposed to poster and water color, etc. May be more fun for kids. Not so restricted.

Whereas for Global Art, it starts with building a good foundation in coloring first, where students are taught techniques like color blending, etc, using crayon. Not so much on drawing. The paper (worksheet) are pre-printed with picture for students to apply the color. Once they achieve the level set by the school, then only they move on to learn drawing (and still with crayon). Water & poster coloring only come later.

So, it really depends. GlobalArt may sounds more step-by-step and more technical, and students are thought the necessary skills to produce a good art work. For some kids, it might be more fun with Da Vinci where they are exposed to more coloring material/methods, and free to express.

Some teachers commented that for kids who like to go for competition, GlobalArt might be more helpful.

But then, another feedback is that, sometimes, a student’s progress in GlobalArt might not be fast enough to catch up with what is taught/used in school. Some schools start using water/poster colour from Primary 3.


2 Responses to "Da Vinci Vs GlobalArt"

Do you heard abt Genio Art?

Their approach is to help kids build up the creativity. Maybe you can go investigate more on them.

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