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Some Kata Kerja  vocab exercises for my girls.

I start with Cut-&-Paste exercise to teach them the vocab.


Then subsequent days, use the below as revision/practise.

KataKerja1.pdf [Fixed mistake]

Rules of thumb: only one page exercise a day, the most.


Last Tuesday, I was grateful that my husband took leave to stay home looking after the girls, as that day my Mom underwent her knees surgery.  I was with her.

Later when I was back, my housekeeper told me, “You know, your girls were telling me, ‘Daddy just talked to me for a short while, then he continue with his computer, looking at his cars. 他不管我们的。'” Haha, .. I can only smiled. Ya. Recently I seldom argue or get myself upset of Mr Daddy’s behavior.  But then, time really flies. Now they are big enough to tell.

*          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *

Last Saturday, half way having our meal, Mom called and informed that Doctor said she could go home. So, she called to ask to me bring her clothes she wanted to wear.

In the car, I was discussing with the girls the plan.

Ling said, “We go home, pack for Ah Ma, then go brush our teeth, then we can go fetch Ah Ma.”

I corrected, “Let me go get Ah Ma’s clothes, you two go straight to brush your teeth, then we can leave faster.”

“Yes!” The girls cheered.

“Mummy go get the clothes, we go upstair to brush our teeth, and Daddy do nothing. Ya, that is what Daddy always do, nothing, or sitting in front of TV. ” Ying repeated with a cheeky smile.

Hahaha… I looked at Daddy’s face, all red… Hahaha …


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