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Ladyfinger (okra) – good for diabetes and arthritis

Posted on: August 17, 2011

Some 秘方my mother and also father in law are taking now. Read it from Sin Chew long time ago.

At night, before sleep, get a ladyfinger ( get two if small one).

Wash and cut into pieces. Put in a mug. Then pour in hot water. Cover the mug and leave it till the next morning.

Drink the water in the mug only the next morning. (No need to eat the ladyfinger … something I am dreadful of… though have to ‘telan’ (swallow) when eating with my children to show mummy is not picky)

Do this everyday. My mum who has arthritis feels much much better after taking it for 2 weeks, no more painful and cramping leg at night. And we find her can walk around better.

My father in law who has just started it, shared that his diabetes level drop, shows lot improvement. (He takes his diabetes reading daily).

Well, I think it’s something natural, though I don’t have scientific proof, but I think can give it a try.


Thanks to , who share the article from Sin Chew Jit Pao newspaper , and highlighted that instead of using hot water, put in room temperature boiled water.
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4 Responses to "Ladyfinger (okra) – good for diabetes and arthritis"

I will give it a try, the newspaper mentioning using boiled water but let the water cold down to room temperature before putting the slices of ladyfingers

Thanks 🙂

I’m going to try this, as I have severe arthritis. Thanks for sharing.

Since last September I am taking okra’s water extract as suggested above and I have found great relief in pain and inflammation of my affected knee. I use some of the extract for applying externally also over the knee.My right is affected but I use this on both the knees.

The outer symptoms have gone but still I find it difficult to walk for a long distance. May be continuing it for next few months might change the situation.

If any body has experience of using this stuff for long time, please guide me about the results.

One more question? Can I take it twice a day i.e. morning & evening ?


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